Marc’s take on spying on peace groups


The Maryland State Police Homeland Security and Intelligence Division have been spying on peace activists and anti-death penalty activists. Is this serious? Is this 1968 or 2008? If it were not such a dangerous precedent for the future of our civil liberties and our democracy, it would be laughable.

I want to ask, and will ask, Governor Martin O’Malley what he thinks. Governor O’Malley has been a leader among Governors (and Mayors when he was Mayor) in decrying the lack of attention and funds for state’s and city’s to deal with homeland security. He must be outraged at this misuse of funds and personnel. Spying on peace groups opposing the war in Iraq and anti-death penalty activists instead securing our port, rails, airports and following leads of those who may actually do us harm!

Will he oust the Col. Thomas Sheridan or demand explanations? This is truly a misuse and abuse of state power and authority.

We will be asking questions about this and discussing this on our website and our show next week. What do you think?