Marc on Sarah Palin and the St. Paul Protests

My producer Jessica Phillips just wrote a wonderful and intriguing blog that I agree with completely. It is abhorrent and abominable the way some are treating Sarah Palin. It is both sexist and classist (to coin a phrase). I have a known a lot of families like theirs in the rural worlds I have lived in over my life. She is no different than urban feminists, other than she knows how to shoot and dress a moose or that she drives her kids to hockey games rather than playing tennis and golf and driving kids to soccer games. She is a professional woman married to a working class guy. I think they are actually kind of cool. I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say tonight. I have never heard her speak. I want to see what she has to say for herself.

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I am more concerned about what she stands for politically than what her lifestyle is about. She seems to be a climate change denier who thinks intelligent design should be taught in classrooms and Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Now, those things bother me. While I could tromp through the Alaska tundra with them we would fight all the way about those issues.

Let’s see what happens tonight. Let’s hear what comes out of her mouth during interviews and in her speeches. I could care less about the rest.

On the Streets

What I do find appalling is the behavior of the police in St. Paul. There was a police riot in 1968 in Chicago but in St. Paul the police riot was about preventative detention. They violated hundreds of our citizens’ constitutional rights. It is madness. It was something out of the fiction and reality of totalitarian societies.

I was hoping the Republicans would say something. The Democrats too for that matter.

Homes were raided, people handcuffed, some beaten, many arrested on specious charges. It is hard to believe that no one in officialdom is raising hell about all this. I have a feeling this will have a life beyond the convention. We will certainly keep watch. Some of our local non-violent citizens have been arrested, some charged with felonies. We will find out why and more.

So, far it seems the Democrats put on a grander Broadway production for America. We will see what happens over the next two nights. Both conventions are doing a fine job of revving up their troops.
Now it is our turn, as the American voter to decide who wins in what I think is one of the most crucial elections of my lifetime.