Marc is inside the Pepsi Center in Denver!

Inside the Pepsi Center. It is loud, man I mean loud. Not a place to think just applaud and enjoy the scenery For those, like the young people speaking now it is wonderous moment. The youth here are amazing. They are energized in a way that I have not seen for forty years.

It is almost surreal. This the anointing of the winner. This is not the conventions of my youth where it was hard fought until the last gavel.

Delegate Michael Buckley just walked up with a huge smile on his face. He is joyous and overwhelmed by what he feels in this hall. He is a partisan soldier who will work to put Obama in the White House. Smiles abound.

We are all awaiting Michell Obama. I am really curious as to what she will do. There are so many who cannot stand her. Don’t understand her. Think she does not adore her husband.

So many Americans are fascianted by, imitate, fear and loath Black people. Black women like Michelle Obama are threatening. I am not sure that she will convert those folks.

But most of America is not like that. Our nation has changed. Michelle Obama has to bring those in doubt to her and her husband tonight.

Well, I am going to wander the hall. Get some pictures and stories.

be back in a minute.