Marc, Blogging live from Invesco Field!


This stadium is hushed during this documentary about Barack
Obama. His is an American story. Yes, there are many things from
FISA to his lack of willingness to take on the financial industry but
his story is the American story. I look at my three daughters age 40,
38 and 11 and how much they are moved by him. My two oldest are women
of color who are Obama. My youngest is enthralled by him. He looks
like so much of her family.

America is changing. The mythology of America was blown up in the
fifties and sixties with the battle to end segregation, and Vietnam War.
Now, it is seems they want the dream of America to be its reality.

So, no matter who wins this election, America has made a turn. I
only hope we can redirect ourselves to save this nation, this earth
and life for my children. We can’t give them a heaven on earth but we
can’t leave them with this hellhole of environmental and human disaster for them to wade through. `


He is walking on stage …let’s see … we will talk together later


9:31 I guess most of you who are reading this have been watching or
listening to all of this. I am curious about your thoughts on Gore’s
speech. I thought he told it like it is. I want this planet to
survive for my kids and grandkids and their kids w when they get here.

Gore like Bill Richardson who attacked the integrity, honesty and
capability of the administration of the last four years. It is one of
the keys to there ability to win.
gotta save the power for Obama and later…



8:41 It is amazing I am not sure if I am concert or a convention … actually it is a celebration of Democrats. This is one joyous diverse smiling crowd. Stevie Wonder is singing.

Crowd on its feet … hard to move around and will be almost impossible for me to call into the show tonight on WEAA. So, I will blog for as long as the computer holds out. No outlets here, just people … lots of people …

You know if Obama wins Maryland could make out like a bandit. Two Marylanders would have serious access to the President, Congressman Elijah Cummings and Attorney General Doug Gansler. They came out for Obama early and it is remembered.

If you go to DNC on this site you will be able to hear the interviews we have been doing in Denver, some of which were on WEAA. I think my interview with Elijah is up now. It is moving and telling … I asked him what he wanted to get out of this if Obama wins. He said "to be able to pick up the phone and call the President and say this is what Maryland needs, this is what the city needs, this is what America needs."

Well, more later … hope the computer holds out .. forgive the typos .. writing fast and furious as Stevie Wonder jams

write back .. what do you think of all this?