Marc, blogging live from the Convention on Tuesday night!

Here we are Hillary night. Right now there is a Barack in New Hampshire video playing. There is palpable excitement in this room. But tension as well. I have seen Hillary delegates sharing their passes to get her supporters into the hall. What that means I don't know.

Here we are Hillary night. Right now there is a Barack in New Hampshire video playing. There is palpable excitement in this room. But tension as well. I have seen Hillary delegates sharing their passes to get her supporters into the hall. What that means I don’t know.

Music is loud, good and rocking …

OK getting to go on the air and back later.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Still trying to figure out the reasoning for why he was chosen to give the keynote. Is it just to pander to VA?

  2. marc says:

    Listening to Mark Warner. His words are real but he is not very inspiring. He is talking to the heart of our worries and dreams. Everyone does not have to be a great orator. The applause is tepid. Well, this crowd wants to be wowed. Casey did it to them. Earlier Senator Bob Casey of Pa., pro life, spoke to how America is letting down its working people stirred the audience.

    I am trying to follow Mark Warner but it is a little slow. Oh, well he may be the keynote, here at 7:50 mountain 9:50 eastern, but it is Hillary that they are waiting for.

    Lot of mumbling and talking in the audience. I bet when Senator Clinton speaks you will be able to hear a pin drop when the roaring stops.

    Mark Warner is right on about alternative energy and how it could transform the lives of the working people in this country.

    THIS IS FUNNY. The delegates around me are trying to figure out which side of their signs to hold up. “no it is the strong America side not the strong middle class..” ahh, the staging of it all …

  3. marc says:

    Now, that was an intense conversation on the air with colleagues at WEAA about the disenchanted Hillary supporters. We can intellectualize and wish all we want but a bridge by Obama and Clinton has to build to ensure these voters either actively work for and/or vote for Barack Obama. This is going to be a battle and the Democrats need all the power they can muster.

    I just interviewed the head of Veterans for Obama. An Iraqi war vet and captain in Airborne. You will hear that later tonight or tomorrow on our website

    Got to get back on the air.

  4. marc says:

    Live on the air now.

    The diversity of this audience is amazing. I just saw an Orthodox Jewish delegate wearing a yarmulke shake hands with and hug an elected official who is open about her sexual orientation as a lesbian. America is here in this hall. There are two Americas. This election is about those visions on a larger visceral spiritual sense.

  5. marc says:

    This place is packed to the rafters. It was not this full last night. This is an important night. No one knows what she is going to say. She can fuel this campaign with energy or dampen it …my bet is fuel

    well,Mark Warner is about to speak.

    let’s see ..what happens

  6. marc says:

    Gov Deval Patrick is speaking,and they are all holding up signs “McCain more of the same …”

    There are pushing the economy and the state of our wallets.

    Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana is speaking. Poor Gov everyone turning their heads to look up behind them because Bill Clinton just walked in … cameras flashing everywhere.

    Schweitzer is talking about his humble roots, parents who did not graduate from college but who were inspired by JFK. This is a theme.

    American spirit work hard get ahead-Obama and the rest of us.

    Boy people love Bill 1

  7. marc says:

    Hillary Clinton is on tonight. She is clear about her support for Obama. She is loved by this crowd. Left out and left behind by George … sisterhood of the traveling pant suits … funny …

    She says, ‘Join this Democratic family!’

    People are begging for the signs to hold up. It is interesting there are some here who are calling for an Obama sign and some calling for a Hillary sign, in very partisan tones. They are straining the unity, but they may yet get there…

    The themes are coming out tonight, very clearly. The need for new energy systems, gay and lesbian rights, universal health care and the ability for an American to make a decent living, good public schools. We are a nation of immigrants, she says. She says, Bush denied us a life.

    If she says this on the campaign trail, Obama will have a better chance of winning.

    The Executive Director of the Md State Party just said behind me “Do it Hillary!”

    She wants to put a Democrat back in the White House…she is being clear about that! I can’t wait to talk with the Hillary delegates!

    Praising Bill, Michelle, Barack and Biden.

    She is linking Bush to McCain. That’s what they gotta do!

    If this is an act, it is a darn good act!
    Can’t help but say, go ahead Hillary! She did what she was supposed to do tonight!

    pardon all the typos .. moving fast

  8. marc says:

    The band was Escabado.

    Now the crowd is screaming Obama Obama in the midst of the panoramic photo … pick yourself out

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