Lea – Live Blogging from Maryland Watch Party – Day Three!

10:58 – There they are folks. Barack Obama and Joe Biden standing together as the Democratic ticket for President and Vice-President.  Biden’s large family has now joined him on the stage. Barack is smiling and shaking hands.



10:42 – Joe Biden has begun to pull out the big guns and is now going for John McCaine, intensely showing how his policies are "just not change, it’s more of the same," as the crowd chants.

"These times require more than a good soldier, it requires a wise leader."

He is now detailing what Barack will do to make this a better country saying – "that’s the change we need!"

10:32pm – Joe Biden has just accepted the Democratic nomination for the Vice President of the United States.

In a very moving moment, Senator Biden introduces his mom. He is truly a son who is thankful for the influence of both of his parents.

10:28 – Joe Biden is coming to the stage with the song "Ain’t that America" playing in the background.

10:25pm – After a film on his life, Senator Joe Biden’s son Attorney General of Delaware Beau Biden, is introducing his father. Beau Biden is also a member of the Delaware National Guard.

10:03pm – A moving film in tribute to US troops in the military is now playing.

9:24 pm "America must always be a place called Hope…" After this statement Clinton ends his speech to great applause while the band plays "It’s a Beautiful Day."

He did what he came to do. Personally, as a young woman, I was in awe of Bill Clinton. I met him while an intern on Capital Hill. He is a striking presence. This election broke my heart, when I saw a bitter, spiteful man… This man who was a hero to me.

Tonight I believe he is moving back in the right direction.

A further analysis later.


9:22pm – HAH! Bill Clinton references when he was first runnuing for President, the Republicans said he was too young and too inexperienced to be elected President. Sound familiar?

The crowd loves him. He has a magnetism that few share….


9:15pm – The rest of the world has always been more influenced "by the power of our example, then by the example of our power."

Clinton lists the myriad of ills that the Republicans have created the last eight years. "Are these the family values the Republicans keep telling us about?"

The crowd yells a chorus "Yes He Can!"

Bill says, "Yes, he can, but first we have to elect him.

Clinton respects the work and experience of John McCain, but associates him with the extreme philosphies of the last 25 years.


9:12pm – The moment that many were waiting for, Clinton stated "Barack Obama is ready to become President."


9:06pm – Bill Clinton just stated that he will do everything he
can do to elect Barack Obama. He soundly encouraged Hillary’s 18
million voters to vote for Obama.

Clinton says "our nation is in trouble…America is undersiege." He
continue to lists the ills that we Americans are experiencing.

9:00pm – President Bill Clinton has now taken the stage. The crowd, waving American flags, are giving him an incredible ovation. He says "Y’all sit down, we gotta get on with the show." The audience still continues to cheer.


7:46 – Miami Mayor Mani Diaz is now speaking in English and Spanish. Born in Cuba, he states that he believes in the American dream because he is the product of it. "We are all Americans. We all want the dignity that comes from a hards day work…we must defend the dream for all Americans."


7:41pm – US House of Representatives Majority Whip Jym Clyburn is now speaking. The Majority Whip is the second most powerful position, behind the Speaker of the House. For the first time in history, the Speaker is a woman, Baltimore born Nancy Pelosi; and the Majority Whip African American.


7:38pm – Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings took the national stage and just gave a rousing and inspiring message to the convention attendees.



7:05pm – It’s official Senator Barack Obama, by acclimation, has been nominated as the Democratic candidate for the President of the United States. In a move for unity building, Hillary Clinton released all 1700 of her delegates and suspended the roll call.

Clinton stated ""It is traditional that we have nominations, that we have a roll call,
that we have candidates who look for ways to make sure we come out of
here ready to win in November," she said. "As part of that tradition, I
am here today to release you as my delegates."

From the Maryland Watch Party, cheers and tears rang out. One man was just pumping his fist in the air in joy.

This is a moment that I wish my parents had been here to see. They would never have believed it was possible. It IS possible and we are experiencing a great moment in our country. No matter what our political stripes, America should be proud.