Lea – Live Blogging From Maryland Watch Party in Denver – Day Two!

11:16pm – This was a Hillary I don’t think I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was passionate. She meant what she said and she said what she meant. She evoked the spirit of Harriet Tubman when she urged Democrats in the face of adversity to “Keep Going!” I think she closed the deal, or we are at least a lot closer. Now let the pundits bicker!

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10:52 pm – I will now listen to Senator Clinton’s speech. You can listen to a live feed at weaa.org.

10:50pm -Hillary thanks her supporters – "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits." 🙂

10:46 pm – This is amazing. Hillary is speaking. The crowd here at the Maryland Watch Party is watching the monitors with such intensity. She said "No way, no how, no McCain" – the folks here are on their feet yelling to the tv screen!

10:40pm – Chelsea Clinton introduces Senator Clinton. The crowd is on it’s feet cheering. Hillary is waving with a broad smile wearing a striking orange suit

10:37pm – A film introducing Senator Hillary Clinton is being played.

10:15pm – Which may have been the most gavanizing speech of the convention so far was enthusiastically delivered by Governor Brian Schweizer of Montana.

9:41 – Governor Mark Warner or Virginia has now taken the stage to give the keynote address.

9:04pm – Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, who was on the short list for vice-president, is now speaking. She is linking the family values of Obama’s family with her own. The Governor stated that Barack Obama has a plan to save the dream of home ownership and more for working Americans. She has made a stark contrast between John McCain providing more of the same and Obama offering real hope in change.

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7:47pm – John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO introduced senior blue collar workers who have suffered with lost jobs and illnesses. These people cannot afford four more years like the last eight years. What happened to the promise of a better America? That’s why they want Barack Obama for President of the United States. "Brothers and sisters, this is our chance to create much needed change, and help rebuild this country that we all love."

7:42pm – The representative from California spoke of the need to let all of America’s workers that they are appreciated. He stated how after the many have left the Pepsi Center there will be people there working through the night. The past eight years have seen these workers lose their jobs, houses gone in forclosure and on and on, because of the failed policies of the Bush Administration. "If that what we mean by conservatism, then we will take no more of the con they are serving."


7:32 – Governor Ed Rendell linked John McCain to Bush’s failed energy policies. He says that an Obama administration will bring "everyone to the table" to reduce our demand for "old energy sources."

7:25: Following Senator Barbara Mikulski, the Democratic women of the US Senate spoke passionately about health care, Katrina relief, keeping jobs at home, energy independance, fiscal responsibility, and the needs of the middle class. The final speaker ended encouraging and urging the women of America to support Barack Obama for their and their families sake.

As they left the stage, the band began playing, "Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves."

7:12pm – Introduced by video tape by Senator Hillary Clinton, Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski has taken the stage with loud applause. With great enthusiam, Mikulski says we must select Barack Obama so we can finally get equal pay for equal work.

Welcome to day two of the Democratic National Convention! There are a great number of speeches, and I will try and reflect as much as possible.

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