Lea in Denver – Jesse Jackson at The Nation

A surprise guest is now speaking at the Progressive Democrats of America event sponsored by The Nation Magazine – the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Rev. Jackson is currently speaking on the importance that no matter how progressive the Presidential administration is there is always a need for activism.

When Rev. Jackson arrived, the audience stood and gave a grand ovation.

As he continues, he speaks of the importance that America honor its promissary note of equality and justice.  

He says that to move from freedom to equality it recquires investment: shoring up the levies in , books for our children, ALL of our children…

"In 2008, we must outwork them and not let them steal our vote!" 

It is crucial that we get more people o color to register to vote.  

"Out register, out work, end poverty – end the war!" 

Rev. Jackson ended on that note with huge applause.