Lea asks: What if McCain chooses a woman?

 What if he chooses a woman?

 by Lea Gilmore

Yesterday, while on a panel of political analysts and veteran campaign experts, the subject of  Senator Barack Obama’s choice of Senator Joseph Biden as his Vice Presidential  running mate was discussed in great detail. 

Let’s ponder this for a brief moment. Is the vice presidential choice really relevant when closing the deal? Has Vice President Cheney’s powerful “presidency” redefined the office? In the end, will people even care who Senator Obama selected? 

The conversation turned and we began to discuss who John McCain may pick for his running mate.  Then someone asked, what about a woman?  Whew.  A hush. What ABOUT a woman?

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With so many Clintonistas still angry with the primary loss, what will be the impact if Senator McCain chooses a woman?  If she is pro-choice and even mildly moderate what are the implications? If she is of the same generation of Senator Clinton, will this matter? Who would even be the choices? 

Way back in February which seems eons ago, Alan Katz of the Alan Katz Political Blog http://alankatzpolitics.wordpress.com/2008/02/12/mccain-and-a-woman-vp/   offered some choices:

•    Senator Susan Collins (Maine)
•    Senator Elizabeth Dole (North Carolina)
•    Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas)
•    Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
•    Governor Jodi Rell (Connecticut)
•    Senator Olympia Snowe (Maine)

There’s a short list to give some thought…

What do you think?