Hey Ladies!

On Thursday we are going to be pre-recording an interview with Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar.  They’ve written a book called On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance.

The back reads “Most young women would love to live a carefree lifestyle filled with lunches, Louis Vuitton, and lattes, but what you might not know is that doing so can lead to future financial breakdown.”

I am famously bad with money.  I have no debt only because I KNOW I am bad with money and am thus terrified of credit cards.  But I also have no savings.  And I know most women my age are in the same boat. 

Isn’t our generation of women supposed to be smarter than this?  Aren’t we supposed to be into the idea of providing for ourselves and taking care of ourselves?  Yet I look around and most of my friends seem to be waiting for someone else’s finances to make things like home ownership and a college education for their children possible. 

Since this will be a pre-record, we won’t be able to take calls.  I’m hoping that in the comments section of the blog some of our female listeners will post questions or comments about their failures/successes in managing their personal finances.  What pitfalls have you experienced that you want to warn other women to avoid?  What have you succeeded at?