Hello everyone!

I’m so glad to be launching the official blog of The Marc Steiner Show.

I hope our listeners will enjoy it and will find that it compliments their “Steiner experience.”

At the very least, it should offer an opportunity for you to poke fun at the grammar and syntax of some of the people who put together and host a radio show!

I imagine that this blog will do several things.  It will primarily offer an opportunity for our viewers to discuss the content on The Marc Steiner Show after the show is over.  It will also offer us a chance to give you a bit of a peek behind the scenes as we work to produce eight hours of live radio a week.  And finally, it will allow us to direct your attention to interesting topics, articles, or ideas that we don’t manage to find time to have on the show.  Marc especially is always full of more ideas than we have time for, so I hope he will be able to use this blog as an avenue for all those unexplored ideas!

I’ve heard and read many of you getting fiery via email or on the live show, so I’d like to direct your attention briefly to the Wikipedia entry for netiquette.  I hope you will read it and follow some of the basic concepts contained within.

With that said, welcome!

-Jessica Phillips.