Dr. Eric Durham On What Obama Must Do To Win

The speeches of Day Three’s DNC were good. Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden, and John Kerry did well at setting the stage for Barack Obama. But, it’s time for some "fighting words." As a registered Independent, who has consistently voted Democrat in presidential elections (voted for Ralph Nader in ’04), I grow weary of Democratic candidates taking the high road…especially when more aggressive speech is appropriate.

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People are hurting! …and we have been hurting for the last eight years. I moved to Washington, D.C. in the Fall of 2001 (at the age of 23) to pursue graduate education in the Nation’s Capital. The attacks of September 11th occured one month after I moved to the city. From that time until now, I have lived on meager income…and struggled with poverty. Of course, most of that time I was in graduate school…but in the two years since I finished my graduate education, decent salaries and healthcare have still been hard to come by.

Now, consider this, I have more education than most people on the job market, and yet I’ve endured (and am still enduring) tough times in the job market. I can only imagine what those with less than me are experiencing. It truly baffles me. Truly. What is a person supposed to do to survive? …and that’s a particularly sad question, because aren’t we supposed to be more concerned with THRIVING? But, instead, we concentrating on SURVIVING. …and it goes beyond John McCain’s housing lapse. Because you know that Bush and Cheney…and all the other cronies have made just as much money over the last eight years through manipulating the system to their favor. It is a tragic situation…that continually breeds frustration, distrust in government, animosity, and apathy among the masses.

These feelings are very real to the majority of Americans. So, Democrats, SAY THAT…and you don’t have to be so polite about expressing this sentiment, either. You do not want "regular folk" to miss your point. Trust me, if you can connect with Americans on these real issues…then the White House will be yours. Make it plain! We have been duped by Bush-McCain Republicans…we have manipulated by color-coded terror alerts…we have been misled into supporting wars of "profit for the few"…we have been prostituted…we have been lied to…we have been abused….we have been incarcerated…we have been cheated out of the wealth that America has gained. Make it plain! Make it plain! Make it plain!

Barack, assume the position of the warrior…and we will fight to get you to the White House…and keep you there! Assume the position of the triumphant Muhammad Ali poster that hangs behind your Senate office desk! Assume the position of the President who will aggressively shape America into the country that is SHOULD be instead of the place that it is. We have too hungry to accpet anything less.
God Bless….

-Dr. Eric Durham

Dr. Durham is a Professor of Communications at Morgan State University. He blogs as the Good Doctor at http://drericdurham.blogspot.com/ .