Begin 2009 by supporting independent voices in media!

Dear Friends:


Times are tough.  Our job is to follow the news very closely so we know as well as anyone just how much people are struggling.  


Maybe 2008 wasn’t, as far as the economy goes, the best time to try and launch  the new phase of a non-profit organization.  But, you have to play the cards you are dealt in life and approach everything as an exciting new opportunity.


That’s what we have done at the Marc Steiner Show during the past year.  We haven’t folded in the face of adversity.  We’ve flourished in spite of it.  We’ve not only kept creating new content, we’ve done things we have never done before-like broadcast live from the Democratic National Convention and launching a website where you can stream all our shows and talk with other listeners.


The team at the Marc Steiner Show believes in the mission of public radio.  That is why we are all still working to bring you the best in news analysis, arts and culture.


But we need your help.  75% of our production costs are not covered by WEAA.  And the troubled economy means that charitable foundations and corporations have less money available to support nonprofit organizations like ours.


So your support is more essential than ever.  We know you value The Marc Steiner Show.  Your emails, phone calls, and letters to the editor have demonstrated that.  And now we are asking you to help us continue bringing you what you value in 2009. 


If at some point this year, you have said you were going to support The Marc Steiner Show but never got around to it, now is the time!  End this year by making clear that you value and support independent voies in media. 


Just click here to find out how to make your contribution to The Marc Steiner Show


.  Your support means to much to us.



Thank you to all of our listeners and supporters.  Best Wishes for a bright New Year!




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