9/19/07 PUPPIES!



It’s been  a somewhat stressful morning around here.  Can I tell you how excited I am by the fact that at one o’clock, representatives from Baltimore Area and Rescue Shelter (BARCS)are going to bring a doggie in? 

 I am also excited about the work BARCS is doing to expand their offerings for really sick animals.  They don’t just get in normal abandoned puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.  They get in animals with severe physical problems.  And I think anyone who owns a pet knows how amazingly expensive serious veterinary care is.  So BARCS has started a fund to take care of these animals.  It was inspired by Franky, who was only four months old when his owner threw him out of a second story window and then put him in a trashcan.  BARCS saved Franky’s life, and it wants to save the lives of more animals, so it started this special fund.

Want to bring a special pet into your life?  Click here to view the animals BARCS has for adoption!

We’ll hear about all this and more.  Join us!