8/27 Media’s Role in Elections

Another election season is upon us. While there are five candidates seeking the office of Baltimore City Council President and nine candidates running for mayor how many candidates are you aware of? The same with the Democratic and Republican candidates running for next year’s presidential nomination. Can you name all of them?

When a number of candidates run for one political office does the media attention on only the leading candidates influence the race? Do candidates end up getting excluded because of polling, fundraising and media resources?  This hour we discuss the role of the media in political races. We’ll discuss the who, how and what determining which candidates receive the most media coverage with Sean Yoes, Senior Reporter for the Afro-American newspaper, Baltimore Sun City Editor Howard Libit and Patrick Gonzales, whose market and research firm conducts political polls.

What do you think?

Poll: Should the media pay more attention to lesser known candidates?

You can go here (pdf) to get the League of Women Voters 2007 Primary Voters’ Guide. And come to our Mayoral forum on Wednesday night from 7-9 pm in the Wheeler Auditorium at the Enoch Pratt Free Library.