8/22/07 Dr. Andres Alonso

Tonight, a very special two hour Marc Steiner Show.  We bring you a conversation with Dr. Andres Alonso, the new CEO of Baltimore City Schools.  He’ll be on the air with the Chairman of the Baltimore City School Board.

My co-producer Marcus says he has seen this scenario a thousand times; a new official comes into a city, and there is a lovey-dovey honeymoon period where everyone extols the virtues of the new official and truly believes this person will have the secret on how to change things.  And then the blush leaves the rose.  What do you think?  Have you heard things from Dr. Alonso that make you feel that maybe this guy has a chance to really make a difference?

Poll: Do you think Dr. Andres Alonso can make Baltimore City Schools better?

Poll: Should Baltimore have an elected school board?

Poll: Should the City-State Partnership be ended?

Poll: Should principals and teachers have more autonomy?

Join us tonight!  Get your questions in beforehand here, or email us at thesteinershow@wypr.org, or call during the show, from 7-9 pm, at 410-662-8780, or 1-866-661-9309 (I finally got those numbers memorized!)