8/1 and 8/2 Rebroadcasts

On 8/1 and 8/2 we will be bringing you some great rebroadcasts.

  • Wednesday at Noon-Though it is known as the Summer of Love, 40 years ago the summer of 1967 was a summer of increasing urban unrest.  Newark and Detroit both suffered serious riots that claimed the lives of almost 70 people. Maryland saw it’s share of violence that summer as well.  In the usually quiet hamlet of Cambridge, on the Eastern Shore, 20 buildings were burned to the ground as the result of racial tensions.  Baltimore’s Summer of 1967 was by no means peaceful.  So three cities, each shaped by their history of racial tensions and violence–all three cities who are struggling with rising crime in their cities today.  What can we learn? We’ll talk to Antero Pietella from the Baltimore Examiner, Stephen Henderson from the Detroit Free Press,and Jonathan Schuppe from the Newark Star Ledger to discuss issues of crime and violence in cities. 
  • Wednesday at One-In another vein entirely…we discuss nonviolence.  Mark Kurlansky was our guest earlier this year to discuss his fascinating book Nonviolence: Twenty-five Lessons from the History of a Dangerous Idea.  We’ll talk about Gandhi and Martin Luther King, of course, and how they used nonviolence-but this isn’t just a history lesson.  We’ll talk about the future of nonviolence, and how this radical notion could work in places like Palestine or Iraq. 
  • Thursday at One-Carl Hiaasen has been delighting readers of his novels and his Miami Herald column for years with his witty, dry humor famous for skewering corrupt officials. He became a journalist’s hero last year when he stood up to a compromised publisher at his paper last year-and won.  He’ll talk about that and also his latest novel Nature Girl, a novel populated with the colorful and larger-than-life characters Hiaasen is famous for.  And-hometown connection alert-his brother is our city’s very own Baltimore Sun reporter Rob Hiaasen!

So, I hope you enjoy.  We’ll be back on Monday!


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