7/18/07 The Nation investigates…

At noon tomorrow we will be discussing something we try to return to often: Iraq War veterans issues.

First, an update from Joshua Kors.  You might remember we’ve had him on twice to discuss the work he did investigating the personality disorder scandal.  That is when soldiers wounded in active duty in Iraq were being discharged under Chapter 5-13, a personality disorder.  But personality disorder is a pre-existing condition, and that meant the Army was not responsible for providing disability or medical benefits.  Kors’ investigative work showed that men who were very clearly wounded DURING their service were being cheated of benefits they rightfully deserved by this classification.  His work has attracted the attention of senators who have petitioned Defense Secretary Robert Gates to investigate and who have also introduced an amendment that would temporarily suspend Chapter 5-13 until an investigation can be had.  You can learn more at the website for ABC World News with Charles Gibson, where Bob Woodruff has been working with Kors to continue reporting the story. 

And then…more new shocking investigative work from The Nation.  The Nation has spent the past several months interviewing 50 combat veterans of the Iraq War and these interviews have uncovered what the Nation says is a brutal side of the war and a shocking record of disturbing behavior by American troops.  You can read the report here.  We are going to be joined by the reports authors and by some of the veterans who were interviewed.  Join us for this important show.