7/17/07 Crime

Five people were shot this weekend.  Two people were fatally stabbed last week.  One of the victims was a 15 year old girl.  A witness in a murder case was shot, and police have charged a 15 year old boy with the crime.

 The murder toll has hit 180.

Do you think the police and the Mayor are doing enough?

We’re going to talk today with Marcie Jones of the Baltimore Crime Blog,Ser Greene of the Ashburton Area Association, and Brian Dale, President of the Ridgely’s Delight Neighborhood Association.

Bring your comments and thoughts to the table….



Our discussion of Citizens on Crime in Baltimore began with a conversation with Anna whose husband Zach was attacked in front on his home on June 1st.  The attack on Zach shows how vulnerable we all are to crime in our city. As a show of solidarity and an attempt to reclaim our streets from violence friends and family of Zach are organizing a Neighbors’ Night Out on Sunday, August 5th from 2 – 8pm. For more information on this event go to: www.zachsowers.com/neighbors-night-out.php