5/02/08 end of the week

I am sitting here at my computer; I have not blogged all week. I have really wanted to write something.The week has been taken up with planning the future of the Center for Emerging Media, so we can become the new public media for our community.It has taken time to raise money and plan productions. I am lucky that despite the uncertainty, Jessica Phillips and Justin Levy, my producers, left WYPR to work with me and build CEM.

So, this morning I was all set to wax forth on Presidential campaigns, Obama and Wright, the property tax wars in Baltimore City, and the future of the bay and the crabs that are trying to survive in it, but I am just not there right now.I will be, though, in the coming days. Right now, I keep reflecting on how this has been an interesting two weeks of lecturing at colleges and emceeing.It has filled me with a joy and hope for our future.

And this morning, I was all set to write, when I went outside to look at the field across from our home.A family of foxes dug its den across the road.The mama fox gave birth to five kits the other week.So instead of writing I went outside with my binoculars to watch the kits cavort with one another, leaping in the air and wrestling.Some wandered over to suckle on their mother, who sat calmly watching over her offspring to ensure their safety.

Then, just as I had my fill of my new neighbors the Foxes, Valerie called me outside again.Her hands were cupped around a baby finch that had left its nest too early.It was huddled up on the windowsill of our den.She called the wild animal rescue lady and now has the baby in one of the carrying cases she keeps around to rescue small things lost or injured.My lady is a reiki master and performed her reiki healing on the young bird.We will see how the young, downy-covered boy fairs today.

The spring is full of life and new birth, as I’m witnessing with the exciting and creative growth of the Center for Emerging Media.

We will be sending our fund drive letter out to you all soon, so you can support your new public media meeting ground in Baltimore.CEM will be doing some interesting things for and with you in the coming months.

Last night, I was the emcee for a Baltimore Green Week event at Morgan State University.The keynote speaker was Van Jones, who is the founder of Green for All. WEAA recorded his talk.It was so inspirational.He is working to bridge the gap between social and environmental justice.His thrust is that building a green economy creates jobs and is the way to start ending inner city poverty in America.

He is right.We have to build industries in this country based on solar and alternative energy technologies.Just retrofitting all the buildings in America can create millions of jobs.He calls for a Green New Deal to stimulate this economy, government stimulus that will release the entrepreneurial spirit to create new jobs and new industry.He is right we have to dream big and push for a new America.Our country needs to be the world leader of the new Green Economy.The earth and our future will not wait.It has to happen now and we have to make it happen.

This week, I also lectured to a graduate communications class at Morgan and moderated a panel of actors, a writer, director and producer from The Wire at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.You can hear The Wire panel right on our site.

Two weeks ago, it was Goucher, this week Morgan, and I continued to be inspired by this generation of twenty-somethings in our midst.They want to do the right thing, are socially committed, and the graduate students I met at Morgan want nothing to do with corporate media.They want to create their own and say what has to be said.

So, all in all, it has been a good week.And next week, well I promise to write more…and want to hear from you.

Have a wonderful weekend…see you at the Flower Mart in Mt. Vernon.