10/9 Baltimore Marathon


Last week, the unseasonably warm weather, and the death of one runner, stopped the running of the Chicago Marathon.  Saturday the streets of Baltimore will be filled with runners taking part in the Baltimore Marathon. Everyday from Inner Harbor to Charles Village to the suburbs you’ll find people, from experienced marathoners to recreational joggers getting in a run.

Since the start of the running craze in the ’70’s, one of the most popular fitness goals is to complete a 5K, half-marathon or marathon. But how do you get started? This hour is for novice and experienced runners. If you’re thinking of beginning a running program or improving your current program check-in with our panel of experts. We’ll hear from Jim Adams, owner of the Falls Road and Fells Point Running Stores, Dr. John Senatore Union-Memorial Podiatrist and Lee Corrigan, President of Corrigan Sports Enterprises.