1/07/08 Voting Machines and Kenya

Two topics today at one.

We’re going to start with Clive Thompson, a contributing writer to New York Times Magazine who wrote the cover story this weekend titled Can You Count on Voting Machines? This is scary stuff, people.  In actual election situations, touch screen voting machines have crashed, lost votes, failed to properly print paper records of votes, and more.  These are the machines that roughly one-third of all Americans will be using to cast their votes in the 2008 Presidential election-an election that may be determined by very slim margins.  Including Maryland. 

Poll: Do you trust electronic voting machines?

And then, we go to Kenya, where 486 people are estimated dead since the disputed Presidential election there last week.  Things have quieted down since both political parties have cancelled protest rallies and agreed to mediation.  But the situation is precarious and the humanitarian crisis remains with a quarter of a million people displaced.  We’ll talk with Maina Kiai, Chairman of the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights, who is currently in Kenya, and with Christopher Fumonyoh, Senior Associate for Africa at the National Democratic Institute.