07/25/07 Future of the Bay

Our Beloved Bay

Today at noon we brought you a conversation with Gerald Winegrad.  He is a former state senator who is now a professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy.  We invited him on because of a recent op-ed he wrote for the Baltimore Sun called What it will take to restore the Bay.

His op-ed paints a dismal scenario of how Bay restoration will fare if we keep continuing on as we are now.  He talked with Marc about the tough political decisions that have to be made.  He thinks that we are giving a free pass to agricultural polluters, and we need to demand that they stop polluting or take their land and return it to forestland.  He says we have to let the state have more power over land-use decisions.

What do you think?  Are chicken farmers given way too much leeway?  Should counties and municipalities be able to do whatever they want with their land?  What should we do?