06/27/07 12 PM Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and BRAC

How do you feel about the fact that tens of thousands of people are coming to our state because of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)?

 Are you a real estate agent who is looking forward to the business?

…or a parent who is worried about more kids in an already overcrowded school?

Are you a highway construction worker looking forward to benefit from the money for new transportation projects?

…or a frustrated commuter dreading even more clogged roadways?

Are you a homeowner hoping to benefit from a rise in property values that may result from a rise in demand?

…or someone one or two years away from being a first time home-buyer dreading the effect these well-payed military types will have on local home prices (that would be me!)?

There are just so many ways to feel about BRAC!

Today at noon we are joined by Lt. Governor Anthony Brown.  He is the chair of the BRAC subcommittee.  He is going to tell us what he has been doing to make sure we are ready for all these people.