06/06/07 BGE and rate increases

So we all know that electricity rates went up on June 1st.

Some people say, “Yeah, this sucks, but electricity costs what it costs because that is what it costs!”

What if that isn’t true?

The Maryland Coalition to Stop the BGE Rate Hikes says that this is NOT true–that the rates we are now paying do NOT reflect the reality of what energy costs.  And furthermore, they are accusing some political leaders and officials of collusion-going so far as to request that State’s Attorney Pat Jessamy investigate Governor Martin O’Malley for collusion with BGE and acceptance of bribes from BGE/Constellation Energy.

We’ll speak with Delegate Jill Carter, who is calling for a special session to deal with these rate increases.  Chris Bush from the above-mentioned coalition will be joining us, as will Rob Gould of Constellation Energy and Marc Case from BGE. 

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-Jessica Phillips