06/05/07 John Hemingway “Strange Tribe”

I am confident you will enjoy our one o’clock show.  Ernest Hemingway is one of the more colorful and interesting writers in American literature.  From his participation in the “Lost Generation” to his time in Cuba and Key West, he absolutely was a dynamic and exciting person.

I think a lot of us imagine one day putting pen to paper and writing the story of our family; how great is must be when you do so and people actually want to read it!  John Hemingway is the grandson of Ernest Hemingway, and his new book is Strange Tribe: A Family Memoir. But this story is about more than just the life and times of Ernest.  The book delves as well into the complicated life of the author’s father, Ernest’s youngest son, Gregory, whose preference for wearing women’s clothes led to him undergoing gender reassignment surgery.  He died of a heart attack at a Miami-Dade Women’s Detention Center. 

 This book, and this interview, is an exploration, from the inside, of a family that has been watched by outsiders for decades.  It’s a beautiful book.

-Jessica Phillips