05/31/07 Vacant Homes

Image borrowed from www.theamericas.org

Tomorrow we’ll be discussing the thousands upon thousands of vacant homes that plaque our city, and ideas for saving them.

I realized today that as Baltimore is only the second city I have ever lived in, I have never really thought about the vacant homes.  I never really questioned what they were doing there.  I thought it was sad, sure, and unfortunate, but I guess I sort of accepted it as a “city thing”. 

But it’s not, is it?  It’s a Baltimore thing, I guess.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  What other cities have you lived in and what was the vacant home situation there?  What are your ideas for how to fill those homes?

Hope you enjoy the show.  Marc will be talking with Michael Mazepink of the People’s Homesteading Group,Alan Chantker from the Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investor’s Association,and Michael Bainum, Baltimore’s Assistant Commissioner for Land Resources.

-Jessica Phillips