05/31/07 Michael Sarbanes

Photo by Kim Hairston of the Baltimore Sun. Read the Sun’s article on Michael Sarbanes annoucement here.

You know, it’s good when someone who has been on the show a million times runs for office.  Instead of having to figure out who the heck their campaign director is and then attempting to find that persons number, you just pull their cell phone number out of your records and give them a call.

Michael Sarbanes will be our guest at 1:00 pm tomorrow.  He’s spent the past few years as the executive director of the Citizens Housing and Planning Association.  He is of course the son of retired U.S. Senator Paul Sarbanes and the brother of the current U.S. Congressman John Sarbanes. 

How would his service as the City Council President be different from Maria Allwine, Ken Harris, or Stephanie Rawlings-Blake?  Tune in tomorrow to find out.

-Jessica Phillips