05/29/07 BGE

Coming up during the first hour of today’s show, we are going to discuss the upcoming rate increase in your BGE bill. 

 Here is an article in the Baltimore Sun about it.

Could former public service commissioners have done more to prevent this?  Is this rate increase unfair?  The same PSC order that okayed the rate increase also lay out a “long-term strategy of examining the wholesale energy market and studying all facets of the state’s deregulation plan in hopes of advocating reforms leading to lower rates.”   What does that mean? And were the promises that lawmakers would find a way to avoid this just empty election year promises?

We’ll discuss all that and more this afternoon with Skip Trimble, an energy expert with South River Consulting, Chairman of the Public Service Commission Steve Larsen, and Johanna Newmann, an advocate with MaryPIRG.

-Jessica Phillips