05/29/07 ACLU

In the first part of the second hour of today’s show, we welcome former Attorney General Steve Sachs, ACLU-MD Director Susan Goering, and ACLU-MD Archivest Suzanne Smith to look back at the extraordinary history of the ACLU here in Maryland.

Whether or not you agree with the politics of the ACLU, their history is fascinating.  Some of their cases in the past 75 years have included:

  • Filing a wrongful termination case on behalf of Maryland Bethlehem Steel workers who were fired after invoking the 5th Amendment during House Un-American Activities Committee hearings.
  • Representing a man who was refused the public office of Notary Seal because he would not express a belief in God.
  • Defense of John Waters against a charge of violating abobscenity law while filming.
  • Defense of the Klu Klux Klan when officials in Thurmont and Elkton refused them a permit to march down Main Street.

So join us please as we discuss the interesting, complex, and historical role of the American Civil Liberties Union in Maryland.

Jessica Phillips