Artists Born of War

Artists reveal how their work was born of war. Featured are authors Tim O’Brien ("The Things They Carried"), Bao Ninh (The Sorrow of War), and Wayne Karlin (Crossover, Lost Armies).

Artists reveal how their work was born of war. Featured are authors Tim O’Brien (“The Things They Carried”), Bao Ninh (The Sorrow of War), and Wayne Karlin (Crossover, Lost Armies).

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Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Loving the artists/writers section of your “Shared Weight”- but have an hour to go- these are thus initial reactions- as one who protested the war, I am tempted to be judgemental- but I will put that in abeyance- it is such an easy mode to fall into…I think of myself as able to sniff out cliches from a long distance but…
    Is there a peace movement in Vietnam?
    What of a Dorothy Day type pacifism, of Jesus, Ghandi, of King? We humans are so ignorant, so passive and ill educated to non violence.
    Here in the U.S., and I imagine Vietnam- there is such an uphill battle to educate persons to the non violent path- I am listening to wee what these writers have to say and will get back to you.
    Surely- for an American, after all our racism and imperialistic depredations- there is no way BUT non violence.
    I am waiting for the Vietnamese to defend Communism, which, theoretically is a much better way than our corporate oligarchy.

  2. Now I have finished the segment on the writers; my friend, Viet vet, Brian Willson lost both his legs when he was run over by a train carrying arms to Guatamala. There is a stand I wld like to hear these writers praise.

    Vets have a special platform on which to be anti war- they have, like the great WW 1 poet, Wilfred Owen- “been there”!

    The woman Vietnamese writer says writers from both sides learn to “share loss and wish war won’t happen again”. That’s insufficient for me- I DO feel judgemental. Well then what are they doing? to end war?

    I have earned a platform to ask for: Activism. Code Pink, non violent, civilly disobedient, risk taking, Father Berrigan, Chelsea Manning direct action.

    Now let me listen to Woody- great program by the way.(We also need to educate the media to approaches like this and Marc’s). In my life time I have seen media actually go downhill.

  3. Connie Whiting says:

    Marc- I’m overwhelmed by the reading of Linda, the Vietnam war medical person. (I’ll get more information about her, but I have to say something, NOW) My son, Forest (maybe you met him at Ren’s) was a combat medic, in 2006-2008 Iraq. I’m sure that the heart-rending stories he shared with me, were the tip of the iceberg. He still has long phone calls , every few days, with a medic who served with him. Unlike the Vietnam vets, these soldiers are offered counseling. However, they fear that if they take advantage of it, that will be the end of their military career!
    Like many of our generation, I protested to end the draft. Now those who serve rarely come from families with ANY political or financial clout! Thank you for reminding your listeners about the human toll of war!

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