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What Do SCOTUS, Paula Deen & George Zimmerman Say About Race in America?

Voting Rights RallyNovember 25, 2013 – Hour 1

We examine  race in American culture today, looking at the Supreme Court decision on voting rights, the Paula Deen controversy, and the George Zimmerman trial. Joining us are:

  • Jeff Menzise, senior researcher at the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University,
  • Derek Musgrove, assistant professor in the Department of History at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC),
  • Marta Mossburg, columnist for the Baltimore Sun,
  • and Jason Silverstein, Ph.D. student in anthropology at Harvard University.

This segment originally aired July 1, 2013.


National News Roundup: Voting Rights, American Healthcare, NSA and More

HealthcareAugust 19, 2013 – Segment 1

We begin our week with a national news roundtable. Topics include voting rights, the latest on Edward Snowden, and the newest revelations about the NSA. Joining the panel is:

  • Bob Somerby, Editor of The Daily Howler;
  • Dr. Anne McCarthy, Dean of the Business School at Hamline University in Minneapolis;
  • and Shedd Johnson, News Director at WVAS in Montgomery, Alabama.


Voting Rights: Where North Carolina & The Rest Of The Country Stands

Members of North Carolina student chapters of the NAACP  and opponents of voter ID legislation wear tape over their mouths while sitting silently in the gallery of the House chamber of the North Carolina General Assembly where lawmakers debated and voted on voter identification legislation in Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, April 24, 2013. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)August 15, 2013 – Segment 3

We return to the topic of voting rights, in light of the passing of what might be the most strict voting law in the country, earlier this week in North Carolina. We talk to:

  • ER Shipp, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Journalist-in-Residence and Associate Professor of Journalism at Morgan State University;
  • Brentin Mock, New Orleans-based journalist and reporter for Colorlines; 
  • and Ari Berman, contributing writer for The Nation magazine.


Weekly News Roundup: Maryland’s MSA Test Results | DOJ Challenges States’ Voting Laws | NYPD On Racial Profiling

States' voting laws being challenged by Department of Justice

July 26, 2013 – Hour 1

Dr. Kimberly Moffitt, Professor of American Studies at University of Maryland – Baltimore County (UMBC) sits in as our guest host for our weekly news round table. The panel discussion will focus on this week’s release of the Maryland State Assessment scores, showing a slight decline statewide, and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on voting rights, among other topics.

Panelists will include: E.R. Shipp, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and Journo-in-Residence at Morgan State University, and Dr. Avis A. Jones-DeWeever, President & CEO of Incite Unlimited, LLC, and Host of National Public Radio’s Focus Point with Avis Jones-DeWeever.


Supreme Court Decision On Voting Rights

voteJune 26, 2013 – Segment 1

We discuss this week’s Supreme Court decision striking down key provisions of the Voting Rights Act. The ruling allows nine states, mostly in the South, to change their election laws without advance federal approval. Joining us for the discussion are:

  • Ari Berman, contributing writer for The Nation magazine;
  • Aderson Francois, Associate Professor of Law at Howard University School of Law;
  • Michael Higginbotham, Wilson H. Elkins Professor of Law at the University of Baltimore School of Law.