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Dharna Noor: Corporate Controlled Media and Critiquing Bias

October 27, 2017 – Corporate Controlled Media and Critiquing Bias

Real News Producer Dharna Noor wrote a compelling article for Truthout on the nature of corporate-controlled media and the complex symmetry between the Trumpian attacks on the media and Freddie Gray protesters in Baltimore. She stopped by the CEM studio for a chat and we share it with you now.

State of Progressive Media In The United States

newspaperMarch 19, 2015 – Segment 2

We take a look at the state of progressive media. Our panel of guests will be: Sarah van Gelder, co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of YES! Magazine and; Bhaskar Sunkara, Founding Editor of Jacobin and a Senior Editor at In These Times; and Glen Ford, Executive Editor of The Black Agenda Report.

Overlooked and Underreported: NAACP Bombing in Colorado Springs and The Shooting of Tamir Rice

krdo explosion investigation_1420575621446_12246706_ver1.0_640_480January 13, 2015 – Segment 2

Marc sits down with Stephen A. Crockett Jr., Associate Editor of News at The Root; and Dr. Karsonya “Kaye” Whitehead, Assistant Professor of Communication and Affiliate Assistant Professor of African and African American Studies at Loyola University Maryland, to discuss the media coverage of the bombing outside the Colorado Springs NAACP offices and the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot by a Cleveland police officer whilst playing with a toy gun.

Media Roundtable: Ferguson, Don Lemon, Climate Change and NPR & Fox News

don lemon

December 2, 2014 – Segment 2

We host a Media Roundtable. Our panel of guests will discuss topics to include: NPR’s drastic cut-back on its environmental and climate change team; CNN correspondent Don Lemon’s comment about marijuana in Ferguson; the power of Fox News; and the coverage of the events in Ferguson.

Our guests are: Robert McChesney, author and professor of Communications in the Center for Global Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, co-author of Dollarocracy: How the Money-and-Media-Election Complex is Destroying America and author ofDigital Disconnect: How Capitalism Is Turning the Internet Against Democracy;Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist E.R. Shipp, Journalist-in-Residence and Associate Professor of Journalism at Morgan State University; Richard Prince, author of Richard Prince’s Journal-isms, an online column on diversity issues in the news business; and author, filmmaker and Coppin State University professor D. Watkins.

Paul Jay on the Real News Network’s Grand Opening

Paul_JayJune 20, 2014 – Segment 3

We talk with Paul JayCEO and Senior Editor of The Real News Network, about the Grand Opening of The Real News Media Center in Baltimore this weekend.




City Paper’s Baynard Woods: Are Alt Weeklies Over?

Are Alt Weeklies Over?March 6, 2014 – Segment 4

Baltimore City Paper Senior Editor Baynard Woods joins us for “This Week in City Paper,” and to discuss his op-ed in the New York Times: “Are Alt Weeklies Over?


‘Love and War: Twenty Years, Three Presidents, Two Daughters, and One Louisiana Home’ by James Carville & Mary Matalin

Mary Matalin and James CarvilleFebruary 14, 2014 – Segment 3

We close out the week with a conversation Marc hosted last week at the Enoch Pratt Free Library with husband and wife political commentators James Carville and Mary Matalin, about their new book, Love and War: Twenty Years, Three Presidents, Two Daughters, and One Louisiana HomeYou will hear this power couple talk about his ADHD, her love of stray cats, and more!

This segment originally aired January 17, 2014.


Role of Masculinity, Media & Culture in Youth Violence

Crime in BaltimoreFebruary 13, 2014 – Segment 2

We turn to the topic of violence, its representation in the media and culture, masculinity’s role in violence, and violence’s effects on our youth. Our panel of guests includes: Dr. Lawrence Brown, activist, public health consultant, and Assistant Professor of Public Health at Morgan State University; Meshelle, The Indie Mom Of Comedy, former OSI Baltimore Community Fellow and Founder of Goaldiggers, The Sankofa Project; and the Rev. Heber Brown, community activist and Pastor at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church.

This segment is a rebroadcast from January 30, 2014.


John Nichols & Robert McChesney – Dollarocracy: How The Money & Media Election Complex Is Destroying America

John Nichols and Bob McChesneySeptember 20, 2013 – Hours 1 & 2

We broadcast of an evocative discussion that Marc moderated Tuesday night at the 2640 Space in Baltimore, on the commercialization of U.S. elections. The discussion was centered on the book Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America, and you hear from the book’s authors:

  • John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for The Nation and Associate Editor of The Capital Times, the daily newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin;
  • and Robert McChesney, author of Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy and professor of Communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Analyzing The Media: What Coverage Of The Naval Yard Shooting Says About Us

Navy Yard shootingSeptember 18, 2013 – Hour 1

We begin our show with another national news roundtable, during which we will continue our discussion on the tragic shooting Monday at the Naval Yard in Washington, D.C.

Our panelists will be: E.R. Shipp, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and Journalist-in-Residence and Associate Professor of Journalism at Morgan State University; Dr.Kimberly Moffitt, Assistant Professor in the Department of American Studies at UMBC; and Dr. Richard Vatz, professor in the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies at Towson University.


The Future Of Journalism – What’s The Impact Of Billionaires Buying Papers?

Amazon's Jeff BezosAugust 9, 2013 – Segment 1

We talk to a panel of esteemed journalists who discuss the future of journalism and newspapers, especially in light of the fact that billionaires are buying up many of the major newspapers. Our guests are:

  • Karen Houppert, author of Chasing Gideon: The Elusive Quest for Poor People’s Justice and assistant professor at Morgan State University;
  • Dr. Robert W. McChesney, Gutsgell Endowed Professor in the Department of Communication at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and author of Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy;
  • Charles Robinson, political and business correspondent for Maryland Public Television;
  • and E.R. Shipp, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and Journalist-in-Residence at Morgan State University.


Farai Chideya On Diversity In The Media

faraiMay 29, 2013 – Segment 2

Journalist, author, and Distinguished Writer in Residence at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University Farai Chideya joins us to talk about the lack of diversity in media. She recently wrote this piece for The Nation, called How to Fix Journalism’s Class and Color Crisis.


Good News Baltimore

May 1, 2013 -Segment 3 -We take a look at Good News Baltimore, an organization that promotes positive news stories about Baltimore, with Founder and Production Director Jamar Jones.




The Koch Brothers And The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore SunApril 30, 2013 – Segment 1

Charles and David Koch, two libertarian billionaires who have made names for themselves donating to conservative causes, are interested in buying the Tribune Company, which owns, among seven other papers, the Baltimore Sun. What could this mean for both the Sun and for Baltimore? We’ll speak with Melody Simmons, a reporter for the Daily Record who worked at the Baltimore Sun for over 20 years, David Sirota, author, syndicated newspaper columnist and contributor to, and Angelo Carusone, Vice President of Media Matters for America.


Race And The Media Coverage Of The Boston Bombing

MediaApril 24, 2013 – Segment 2

We have a conversation about the ways racism has affected media discourse around the attacks on the Boston marathon last week. We speak with Edward Wyckoff Williams, author, columnist, and regular contributor to The Root, Huffington Post, and, and Sally Kohn, activist, writer, regular contributor to Colorlines, and political analyst for Fox News. Click HERE to check out Edward Wyckoff Williams’s article. Click HERE to read Sally Kohn’s piece.