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Tent City & Baltimore’s Renewed Civil Rights Campaign

Tent City PhotoSeptember 6, 2017 – Tent City

For our latest podcast we interviewed some of the organizers and participants from the Tent City who camped out in front of Baltimore’s City Hall.  Many were homeless, some were housing insecure and some were supporters demanding housing for the homeless. They closed the encampment after certain promises were made by the Mayor.  So we pick up the conversation exploring why they camped out and what they think the future of their movement will bring.

Enjoy the podcast.

Homelessness and Encampments in Baltimore

homelessnessJuly 28, 2015 – Segment 2

As Baltimore City is seeking to clear the encampment of homeless persons along the Fallsway,  we examine the practice of clearing encampments as well as the role of advocates in holding the city accountable. With: Adam Schneider, Director of Community Relations at Health Care for the Homeless and co-chair of the Maryland Alliance for the Poor.


Downtown Stories: UMBC Students Explore Forgotten Baltimore History

UMBC Downtown StoriesJanuary 5, 2015 – Segment 2

We have a special treat today. We’re going to hear Downtown Stories, radio pieces produced by UMBC students taking a course called “Place and Public History in Baltimore” led by UMBC’s Dr. Nicole King and Dr. Kate Drabinski. The course explores the people, places, and social movements that have contributed to the rich history and culture of Baltimore City, delving below the surface of historical narratives of rich, white, male developers and uncovering the social history of the city. The question they sought to answer was: What should the public remember about Baltimore history and why?

We wanted to thank the UMBC Humanities students who contributed to the research and reporting of this history: Emma Barnes, Morgan Chadderton, Kate Giitter, Meg Gomyo, Zoe Russo, Morgan Zepp, Natalie Cook, Mary Davis, Mary Farrell, Flora Kirk, Julian Tash, Kelly Wan, Anthony Alberti, Kelley Bennett, Carrie Cook, Emily Grace, Rebecca Haddaway and Kaitlyn Moretz.

Remembering Those We Lost To Homelessness In 2014

Homeless Persons' Memorial DayDecember 18, 2014 – Segment 2

December 21 is National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day, when we remember our brothers and sisters who died homeless in the past year. This year, as we do every year, The Marc Steiner Show will hold a discussion and read the name of every person who died homeless in Baltimore in the past 12 months.

With: Mary Beth Dobrzynski, a member of the Baltimore Area “Faces of Homelessness” Speakers Bureau; Brandon, a Word on the Street contributor and member of Housing Our Neighbors and the “Faces of Homelessness”; the Rev. Dennis Dorsch, a retired United Methodist minister, and member of Baltimore United Congregations and SHARP; and Adam Schneider, Director of Community Relations at Health Care for the Homeless, and co-chair of the Maryland Alliance for the Poor.

Take A Walk In My Shoes: Homelessness in Baltimore

Take a walk in my shoes November 14, 2014 – Segment 2

We discuss homelessness in Baltimore with James Crawford Jr. and Damien Haussling of the Homeless Speakers’ Bureau. The Homeless Speakers’ bureau is hosting a night of monologues next Wednesday night. For more information, visit


Can Homeless People Move into Baltimore’s Abandoned Houses?

Can Homeless People Move Into Baltimore's Abandoned Houses?October 24, 2014 – Segment 3

We ask the question, based on an article in this week’s Atlantic magazine: “Can Homeless People Move into Baltimore’s Abandoned Houses?” With Jeff Singer, Founder and former Executive Director of Health Care for the Homeless; Tony Simmons of Word on the Street newspaper and Housing Our Neighbors; and Rachel Kutler, of the United Workers.



Homeless Youth in Baltimore

homelessSeptember 17, 2014 – Segment 4

We examine the issue of homeless youth in Baltimore with: Jeff Singer, Founder and former Executive Director of Health Care for the Homeless;Bonnie Lane, formerly homeless activist, organizer of the Backpack Benefit Concert for Homeless Children, and 2016 Mayoral candidate; and Christian Wilson, Director of Homeless Children’s Weekend Backpack Program.

The Backpack Benefit Concert for Homeless Children will take place on Wednesday, September 24, at 2640 Space in Baltimore.


Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day

Homeless Persons Memorial Day in BaltimoreDecember 19, 2013 – Segment 2

This Saturday, December 21, is National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day, when we remember and honor those who died without a secure place to live. Ceremonies will be held nationwide. In Baltimore, there will be a ceremony on Saturday at 5:00 at the Inner Harbor Amphitheater. We talk about homelessness and read the names of our homeless brothers and sisters who passed away this year in Baltimore. Joining us are: Kevin Lindamood, President & CEO of Health Care for the HomelessLin Romano, COO of Govans Ecumenical Development Corporation (GEDCO); the Rev. Dennis Dorsch of Baltimore United Congregations; and Tony Simmons of Word on the Street and Housing Our Neighbors.


Local News Roundup: Baltimore Reacts To Detroit | City Mismanaged Homelessness Grant | Tyrone West Autopsy Findings Withheld

tyrone westDecember 4, 2013 – Segment 3

We discuss the local news, including Baltimore reactions to the Detroit Bankruptcy, Baltimore’s mismanaged grant to end homelessness, and news in the Tyrone West case with:

  • Jeff Singer, founder and former Executive Director of Health Care for the Homeless;
  • Dayvon Love, Baltimore City Schools teacher and Director of Research and Public Policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle;
  • and Krishana Davis, Harford County reporter for the Baltimore Sun.



Sleep Out for Housing Justice in Baltimore

Sleepout for Housing JusticeNovember 20, 2013 – Segment 4

We discuss the “Sleep Out for Housing Justice,” to be held this weekend, November 23 at 5:00pm, an annual event that culminates the local efforts for National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week and features educational programming, a meal for the entire community, and a public forum for dialogue.

Our guests are: Matt Quinlan of Housing Our Neighbors, the group hosting the Sleep Out; and Damien Haussling, writer/reporter for Word on the Street.


Gimme Shelter: Why is Homeless Policy So Disconnected from the Daily Struggle of People Trying to Find a Place to Stay?

Gimme Shelter: Homeless PolicyNovember 13, 2013 – Segment 2

We examine the dichotomy between homeless policy and the actual struggle facing homeless persons on a daily basis. Our guests include:

  • Edward Ericson Jr., staff writer for the Baltimore City Paper, whose article “Gimme Shelter” is featured this week;
  • Adam Schneider, Director of Community Relations, Health Care for the Homeless, Inc.;
  • Kate Briddell, Director of the Homeless Services Program, Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Human Services;
  • and Adrienne Breidenstine, Director of The Journey HomeBaltimore’s Homeless Plan.


The Future of the National Housing Trust Fund

Broadway HomesSeptember 13, 2013 – Segment 4

We close out the show with a preview of an event on Monday, September 16, at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, on the future of the National Housing Trust Fund, sponsored by the Homeless Persons Representation Project and the Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition. The keynote speaker will be U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings.

Our show guests will be: Jeff Singer, founder and former Executive Director of Health Care for the Homeless and Instructor at University of Maryland School of Social Work; and Antonia Fasanelli, Executive Director of the Homeless Persons Representation Project, Inc.


Marian House: 30 Women 30 Stories

Marian HouseMay 15, 2013 – Segment 3

We speak about 30 Women, 30 Stories: Journeys of Recovery and Transformation, a new book and exhibit about the courageous women of Marian House, a Baltimore institution that has offered rehabilitative services and housing to homeless women and their children for the past 30 years. Joining us are Marian House Executive Director Katie Allston and Marian House alumnae Paris Turner and Trina Seldon. On May 15, 2013 at 5:30 Marian House will host a community dialogue, The Disease of Addiction: Treatment NOT Incarceration, and reception, at the Central Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library.

The City On Baltimore’s Homelessness Problem Following Camp 83

Photo by Stefanie Mavronis at Friday's Camp83 EvictionMarch 11, 2013 – Segment 1

We return to our coverage of Camp 83, a homeless encampment under I-83 that was cleared Friday morning, and the City’s response to homelessness in Baltimore. We start with our coverage of Friday morning’s Camp 83 eviction in the words of advocates and the homeless who turned out to show their support and bear witness to what was happening.

Then, co-host Anthony McCarthy of The Anthony McCarthy Show joins me and:

  • Olivia Farrow, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Human Services;
  •  Kate Briddell, Director of the Mayor’s Homeless Services Program;
  • and Gabby Knighton, Outreach Coordinator for the Mayor’s Homeless Services Program, to discuss the state of homelessness in Baltimore and what the City’s reaction should be.

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To see more photos from Friday’s eviction and our first visit to Camp 83, click here.

Our previous Camp 83 coverage:
2/28: Camp 83 To Be Cleared
3/04: Councilwoman Clarke’s Resolution To Stall Eviction and Jeff Singer’s Commentary


Camp 83: Voices Of The Eviction

Camp83 Evicted Jones Falls Expressway I-83March 8, 2013 – Web Exclusive

We have been covering the homeless encampment of people living under the Jones Falls Expressway near Madison and Fallsway right by the prison complex for the last several weeks. The city said they were going dismantle the site today, Friday March 8th, but before they could a regular citizen found the residents living there housing – temporary, good housing – that the City could not find them.

What was left of their encampment the City bulldozed today. They were met by advocates and the homeless to bear witness and to make sure their belongings were not destroyed. Producers Stefanie Mavronis and Mark Gunnery were there to tape, shoot, and tell their stories.

We will be covering more of what happened this morning on our show Monday and in the coming weeks to hear what has happened to these people, what the City is doing to find housing for the homeless and affordable housing for the 40,000 low income people who are housing insecure, and find out why the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness was changed.

But now, the story of today’s dismantling of Camp 83 in the words of advocates and the homeless. Tune in Monday for more of our coverage.


To see all of our pictures from this morning’s clearing of Camp 83 and pictures from when we visited the campers last week, take a look at our Flickr feed.

Our previous coverage of Camp 83:

2/28: Camp 83 To Be Cleared
3/04: Councilwoman Clarke’s Resolution To Stall Eviction and Jeff Singer’s Commentary


Baltimore City Councilwoman Clarke’s Resolution To Halt Friday’s “Camp 83” Eviction

Camp 83 Under Baltimore's Jones Falls Expressway To Be EvictedMarch 4, 2013 – Segment 4

We close out the show with Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke and Jeff Singer, founder and former executive director of Health Care for the Homeless, who will be discussing Clarke’s resolution to halt the eviction of Camp 83, an homeless encampment under I-83. The eviction is schedule to take place at 8am this coming Friday morning.

To hear our coverage last week on Camp 83 and the people living there, click here.