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Hi everyone,

Please note the new header tab above with the words “Protest Links”.  If you go there, you’ll find links to the following sites:

*Marc Steiner is not involved with these websites.  We’re just linking to them!*

 Bring Marc Steiner Back-A website with information on how to get in touch with underwriters, Community Advisory Board Members, WYPR Board of Director members, and essays on why this firing is important to YOU.

Save Steiner Show-a website run by local activists with information on how to join the daily demonstrations outside of WYPR.

Bring Marc Steiner Back petition-Sign a petition decrying this move by WYPR.

Wear protest threads-Link to a Cafepress store where a listener has set up a tshirt shop supporting Marc Steiner

 Support Steiner on Facebook-On Facebook? Join this group to show your support.

Have fun, kids.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Scrolling throught the contact info for CAB members, I see 45 members. One is from Takoma Park, two from Chestertown, three from Frederick – but the CAB is heavily Baltimore-centric.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, hon.

  2. As a long time listener and supporter of Public Radio, including WYPR, I am deeply disappointed by the turn of events by the cancelling of The Marc Steiner Show.

    The new websites in favor of Marc Steiner are beautiful, thoughtful, and inspiring. Glad to see fellow advocates for civic engagement ready, willing and able to respond.

    Marc Steiner has a distinctive and well grounded voice, who is gracious and respectful of a wide variety of people, the guests, the callers, the listeners.

    The Marc Steiner Show was a thoughtful discussion of the issues we face and the struggles to implement solutions that work on the street, in the neighborhoods. The show was a terrific community forum. It had a universal and a personal appeal because it focused and was grounded in Baltimore.

    For those of us who were born in Baltimore, live here, and for the many of us who will die here, Marc Steiner has that sense of the long term. Marc Steiner has the depth that a lifelong knowledge of the people and places yield.

    For the people in Maryland whether visiting for a short time or living here for many years, the Marc Steiner Show welcomed newcomers and native citizens alike. Marc, through the show, gave a personal insight to the uniqueness of the area.

    Baltimore-Annapolis-Washington is a Metropolitan area that has its unique and intertwined network of citizens. The Marc Steiner Show was the pivot point of the daily listening of many people. People could remain focused on the discussion of the topic without the interuption of commercial breaks. That the show happened during the lunch hour, was both a blessing and a curse depending on one’s work or lunch schedule.

    The management of WYPR has grossly betrayed the trust of many of its listeners and supporters. It appears that the mangagement did not fully consult or heed the advice of their board of directors and The WYPR Community Advisory Committee.

    That there would be an outcry and the financial repurcusions and fallout from the cancellation of the Marc Steiner Show could have been forcasted.

    The timing of the cancellation of the Marc Steiner Show was really bad. It will go down in public relations nightmare history. It was insult to injury to the listeners and supporters of WYPR.

    The Maryland General Assembly had just recently convened its regular session in Annapolis, after a difficult special session in the fall.

    Marc Steiner performed admirably as the moderator for the opening day of session breakfast to be broadcasted by WYPR. Guests that morning were the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Senate President, and the Speaker of the House, in front of a live audience.

    The Marc Steiner Show was abruptly cancelled just a few days before the Maryland Primary Election Day of Tuesday, February 12, 2008.

    The election day timing for Maryland ends up being one of the most important in a long time. People of a wide range of political views are active, ready to vote in record numbers despite the cold and ice, and blogging away and connected. The campaign season is hot and heavy. The election results are changing from week to week across America in an unprecented way.

    Maryland is “America in Minature”. Maryland became part of the ongoing and amazing political election season for both the Republican and the Democatic primaries. And what did the WYPR do in this prime of all prime times?

    Just when Marc Steiner had a group of local college students in a delightful round table discussion of political affairs. Just when we heard a discussion on sub-prime mortgages and how it is affecting neighborhoods. Just when – That is right, think of all of the topics and guests that were a part of the daily Marc Steiner Show on WYPR.

    How and in what ways can WYPR be saved? The damage to the reputation because of this betrayal is huge and could become fatal, especially in this time of new and alternative technology.

  3. Okay, a question for Mayor Dixon. I didn’t rlleay have one, because I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the job her administration has been doing as compared to her predecessor in his new job.But one topic has come up recently in conversations, and that’s the dismal state of public transportation in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. And I guess this is one of my big disappointments with O’Malley so far, because, like it or not, public transportation is a state issue not a local one. Nevertheless, the largest number of people affected by it are probably in and immediately around the city. So I’d like to ask the mayor what her view of, and commitment to, workable (emphasis on that) public transportation is, and how the city can pressure the governor to rework the mess that the Ehrlich administration made of the bus lines in particular.

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