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4/21 from Marc


Our new website is born. So please spend some time with us here. Our endeavor is to create a new public media that crosses all the platforms and makes you part of all that is going on around you. We have archived our Peabody Award winning series, Just Words and the documentary series we produced on the Vietnam War that we taped here in the states and Vietnam. Our new programming, like conversations with folks from the Wire, Phil Donahue, Andre Codrescu and others is here, as well. There are also video, still photography, and places for your comments.

Speaking of places for your commentary, we opened forums for you to comment on anything that is on your mind. It’s sort of like open phones on the web. Please join us there and send us some story and interview ideas. Tell us what is happening in your communities and things of interest you think we could share with everyone.

Politics and the Media

The Pennsylvania primary is tomorrow. Thank God, at last, we thought it would never get here!

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debate in Philadelphia.  Photo Credit: AP Photo

I don’t know if you saw last week’s faux debate between Hillary and Barack on ABC. I do mean faux, it was just horrible. What is wrong with major media in our country? Is it just them or are we all becoming that shallow, uninteresting and banal? They are shirking their duty to all of us. Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos were pushing Barack Obama on his relationship with Bill Ayers, former SDS Weatherman who went underground in the sixties. They’re focused on Hillary and her claim that she had to run under sniper fire which turned out to be false. The media created “bittergate” as they call it, and are pushing the capital gains tax! Well that fits, most of the big media stars are so well paid and run with such wealth that I guess they are worried about capital gains. What about the rest of us?!

Where were the questions about Iraq, the economy, health care, our infrastructure, home mortgages, the financial market, No Child Left Behind and our schools, veteran’s benefits, Afghanistan, global warming, the environment and the future of this nation?

It is all about selling product and the drivel they think will sell to the masses. Well, give the masses some credit. Those who are involved and voting deserve better.

In Pennsylvania, they could have devoted the debate to the economy. What are their ideas about the financial markets? Do they believe that hedge funds and speculation of billionaires need the same oversight as banks? What role does the federal government play in stimulating this economy? Can we create a green economy and rebuild the infrastructure of America the same we did in the 30’s or in the 19th century when the federal government stimulated growth by building the canal system and then later the railroads?

Give us something! America is at a crossroads with wars, the economy and a 21st world that will be very different that the last century.


One small tidbit that I would like to share. I heard that management will be spending considerable money for an advertising firm to rebrand the station. It feels it must clean its tarnished image of the last several months. It must purge the identification of Steiner with WYPR.

They tried that before, spending at least $20,000 on the 5th anniversary for WYPR.

Oh, well…join me, join us at the Center for Emerging Media as we create a new public media for our community, for all of us, for the 21st century.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Hi Marc,

    I know this is not an entirely appropriate venue, but I can seem to penetrate your spam filter. We have an event this Friday at Loyola College, Mark Crispin Miller will be speaking April 25 at 8pm.

    Loser Take All: How Election Coverage Threatens Our Democracy
    An Evening With Mark Crispin Miller (talk and book signing)

    Friday, April 25, 2008 8 p.m.
    4th Floor Reading Room in the Andrew White Student Center
    4501 N. Charles Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21218

    The event is free and open to the public.
    Call 410-617-5415 for more information.

    I hope you can help get the word out about the talk!


    ken anderson

    p.s. The site looks great!!

  2. I didn’t have a chance to hear this debate. I worked late, got home around midnight, logged onto the inet, read the headlines – wow. I couldn’t make myself read any of the stories or find the debate on line.

     I’ve been pretty diligent about listening to the debates this cycle, though. I caught most of them, both Republican and Democratic. From my perspective, this cycle has had three good "debates". The first was last summer at the Daily Kos convention, where the moderator was not only versed on the issues, but interested in them, and I thought all the candidates performed well. The second was <a href=>the LOGO channel</a>’s sequential conversations, in which each candidate had 15 minutes on stage alone with the host. I loved the format, and I didn’t hear one trivial gotcha question.

    The third was the one run by NPR, which was devoted to three issues only. The topic selection was somewhat arbitrary, but again, I thought the format very good.

     I hoped these examples would have had a salutory impact on the other debates, but alas, it was not to be. They seemed to be mostly about agendas and ratings, not about sharing information or illuminating the public discourse. Marc’s comment is key. We deserve better.

    About rebranding WYPR, Brandon is now touting awards won by the news department. Wonder why?

     A few years ago, I did some of my own research, and discovered that WYPR newspeople had won awards. I emailed Brandon, saying this information should be featured on the WYPR website. It subsequently was, but I think only that one time. That assertion might be wrong, I’m not positive.


  3. Sorry, I need to go spelunking again, find out how Jes posted a link in a comment. I see the little icon, but I don’t know what to do with it yet.

  4. For what it’s worth (perhaps not much), in all the debates I heard this cycle, Dennis Kucinich never said one thing I disagreed with. People don’t take him seriously for some reason, but I think the man has his head screwed on pretty straight.

  5. For anyone else who needs help, click on the little blue link that says “enable rich text” that will let you insert links and do a whole lot of other things.

  6. I love(d) the Marc Steiner show and still love what you do for OUR community, my new home, Baltimore. What can people like me, with the means and the will, do to help? Any response and feedback is appreciated.


  7. WAMU has a pretty good signal in much of metro Baltimore, especially in the car but indoors also.

    WAMU in D.C. and WTMD in Towson are cooperating as they move to HD (hybrid digital and multiple channelds).

    Last year, WYPR announced the purchase of a 1,000 W Ocean City station a couple of weeks after WAMU announced that it had received a permit to build a 50,000 W transmitter in Ocean City. I don’t know what WAMU will do with the transmitter.

    Do these observations tell knowledgeable observers anything about the future of "public" radio in our area? Is the information anything more than random noise? Will these three stations be good friends or jealous sisters?

    By the way, not all members of the Your Public Radio Corporation BoD have known about WAMU’s Ocean City transmitter license. Some of them may read about it here for the first time. I don’t know if they were informed by an email that some of them didn’t read. I don’t know the cause of the ignorance, nor do I know if it means anything.

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