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2/12 from Marc

Hi everyone, 

Let me say once again how gratifying and humbling it is for all this support.     This is a wild ride and it is not over yet.   There is much more news to come.   Some of it will be mind blowing. 

Rumor has it that Dan Rodricks of the Baltimore Sun and formerly of WBAL will be the new host at the noon hour at WYPR.   If it is true,  I am not surprised.    They needed star power and personality to try to assuage and persuade the audience to stay or to come back.   Dan has always wanted to be a part of WYPR.    Now, he has his chance.    But who knows.   It could anybody.   Either way, I want you to know I am ok. I have a lot of plans for my own work and have a lot of options and opportunities that have surfaced over the last week.

I thought it funny today that Tony Brandon keeps talking about “commitment to the public and community.”   Orwellian corporate speak is a frightening thing.   WYPR has become corporate speak zone.   More than you know, but you will soon know more. 

It is because of all of you that the fund drive was cancelled.   I have heard the station has gotten well over a thousand letters and e-mails.  I don’t know the exact number but it has overwhelmed them.    

Don’t forget on February 20th there will be open to the public Community Advisory Board meeting.   Right now it is scheduled to be held at the BMA at 7 PM.    As we know more, we will let you know what is up with that meeting. 

My emotions with all of this  are all over the place.   Yesterday, I was tired and in a funk but today I feel really upbeat.  I started the day taking a long walk in the woods with my dog Charlie, talking for a long time with the lady in my life, Valerie.  I went to vote and went to the gym, then drove over to our digs in Hampden to start writing and talking with people.   We are going to do wonderful new things.  I really look forward to all of you being part of it. 

What has been amazing to me is the diversity of this movement that has developed since the station let me go.     It has involved inner city community activists, elected officials, university professors, teachers, social workers, receptionists, truck drivers, doctors and lawyers.    The station has heard and I have heard from Orthodox Jewish leaders, the head of the African American Muslim Community, Baltimore Hebrew University, ministers of every possible Christian denomination, Arab Americans.   It has been Black, White, Asian, Latino, young, old, middle aged, rich, poor, middle class, gay, straight.

It is everything I ever dreamed and hoped my show would mean.   When I began the show in 1993 I said I wanted it to be bridge between worlds and communities.  A place where all people and ideas could gather to speak together without fear of ridicule.  A lyceum, an agora, a marketplace of ideas.   A place where people who would never meet in life could hear and meet each other.    

I feel very satisfied with what we have built together over the years.     
The next time I write I want to share with  you the absurdity of all of this. But you know I want this blog to be a place where we can talk about anything, not just the madness and idiocy of what Tony Brandon, Andy Bienstock and Barbara Bozzuto  have done to our public radio. Soon we will be launching an Internet media site and much more.  I look forward to growing more with  you all and talking about all kinds of things. 

I can’t write tomorrow because I have to spend some time my 10 year old daughter Maisie.  She is in a play tomorrow and I also want to celebrate the fact that she just won her first debate.  Did anyone see where she and a friend of hers were commenting on the Baltimore Sun website?  The best part of life is being a Dad.  No question.

Thanks again!   I will  read all that you wrote and write some more.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. There is no reason for me to listen to YWPR. Washington has much better programing. The station is now lily white with no one really understanding diversity. Although we always knew where you stood, the shows were always balanced and fair. AND IMPORTANT folk came and talk. And that guy from Pikesville whom you always indulged to say those awful things. HE was over indulged. CONTINUE – you will find your way.

  2. My Grandfather used to say that “all evil comes with good”. It loses some of its flavor in the translation from Spanish. Basically, this is an incredible opportunity for you to seek other avenues that you may have been overlooking because of your show. Likewise, it’s brought WYPR and Public Radio in general back into the minds of Baltimore residents. Perhaps it will be a way to make WYPR correct its course?

    Keep on keeping on, Marc. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. I cancelled my subscription to the Sun yesterday, before reading about Rodricks. This explains why the Sun has essentially given Marc’s firing no coverage after the Rosen piece.I We can only imagine how many letters they have received and they have stonewalled us. It is not only shameful but an alarming statement about who controls the media in our hometown and its surrounds
    Marc, the city view/world view you describe is what I saw in the crowd at the Arena yesterday. You will prevail in your work in some venue and we will do whatever it takes to make this happen.

  4. Marc,
    Just read your latest message. One of the best parts about you (other than your beautiful brain and having the good sense to choose Valerie as your love) is your common sense approach and reaction to the mess that is happening around you. I give you huge kudos for being not only a gentleman but a scholar to boot. What a man! Will see you at the BMA.

  5. Thanks for the update, Marc. We all go through transitions in our lives. It’s one of the things we share as human beings.
    I wonder if Mr. Brandon et al. realized how many ripples their decision would make. I am not surprised that more than a thousand of us have spoken out, but it is very encouraging just the same. There are a lot activists among us!

  6. Dan Rodricks? Dan RODRICKS? But – didn’t he just write an article that was mostly supportive of Marc and mostly critical of WYPR? Wow. That sort of adds insult to injury, if it’s true.

    And what did Gerry from Pikesville/Owings Millls say? I can’t believe I missed it.

    I appreciate the mature, measured and articulate responses from everyone who posts on this blog, but I think I’ve exhausted my own maturity for today. I’ll be a grown-up tomorrow, but I think for the rest of the day I’m going to be the poster child for bratty sulking.

  7. Marc,

    Thanks for keeping us updated on what/how you are doing. Since you left, I only listen to WYPR sporadically in the mornings and it really makes me grind my teeth whenever I hear “YOUR NPR station”. What a big load of hubris.

    Keep us posted and enjoy your daughter!! I too have a 10-year-old girl and they are the greatest thing in this planet!

    Thank you!

  8. Unfortunately, Marc is correct. The press release is out today – Rodricks has been hired to do a pale imitation of Marc’s show. It’s a smart move by Brandon, et al. to try to deflect some of the heat over their unconsionable firing of Marc.

    I did read Maisie’s and her friend’s post on The Sun blog – one of the few good things left in that beleaguered paper. She won her first debate – what a great event! Enjoy your time with her, Marc!

    We in the Bring Back Steiner Movement march on!!

  9. Response to Anita…

    Actually the Sun has had a great deal of coverage of Marc’s firing… check out the Sun on line…. there was just another article yesterday….

    And Dan Rodericks had writtten about Marc’s firing extensively on his own blog…. and in commentary…. Dan was overwhelming in support of Marc.. now this was right after the firing…. Nice to see NPR is dealing with this by trying to co-opt folks who wrote in support of Marc….

    And While I nothing against Dan Roderics , I just can’t see myself listening to his show…. or anything on WYPR anymore…

    I just wish WAMU came in better up here !!!

    I am excited to hear about your new Internet media site… and the “much more” part

    Is your Center For Emerging Media taking donations… ??? I tried to email them but have not heard back from anyone yet…

    Michael Derry

  10. Marc,

    I am excited for your new media site to begin. It has been like experiencing a death for me to stop listening to WYPR but it is a must…stand for something or fall for everything!!!!

    Thank you for keeping the voices from being silenced.

  11. Michael Derry: I meant the paper edition and I should have made that clear. I thought Sunday would bring a big story about listeners. I am one of those 50 plus people that still depend on the printed paper and Marc Steiner. Maybe I don’t consider the web thing “news” but I will now try to read the website. I am so upset thinking about how great a post primary show would have been with Marc. Even if Obama loses he would have helped me make sense of it. Is anyone else depressed about all of this?

  12. The best thing in life is being a Dad. Geez, I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. God bless you, Marc!

    Marc, someday when all the dust has settled, and you are in a new place, I wonder if you would spare some ink or some airtime to talk about telecom immunity and the FISA revamp. I just got off the phone with Barbara Mikulski’s office, I had to tell them that I was shocked that she voted to block the amendment that would have stripped telecom immunity from the bill. I can’t believe more people aren’t talking more about this issue, and I know you would be an excellent person to help get people talking and thinking about this issue.

    Best to you –

  13. Did Rodricks delete one of his older blogs? I can’t seem to find his original entry(which is even referenced by More on Marc Steiner.

  14. Marc,

    Looking forward to seeing what projects you dig in to. Your community awaits. Have fun with your family.

    Rodricks? Is that the guy who used to have a morning late kind of gig? Really quasi-mocking, semi-sarcastic, sort-of, semi-wanna-be hip, kind-of, not funny.
    As a replacement for the Steiner Show. No-way.

    Hmmm, Looks like DC public radio may be the way to go. 88.5 right? Hope I can get the signal in Towson. As long as I get my Car Talk, Prairie Home Companion and some jazz– I’ll be fine with them. A more diverse kind of experience. Even if I can’t get their signal–they’ll get my money next fund raising period.

  15. Dear Marc,
    I bet your feelings are all over the place, but hang in there. You were as constant in our radio listening as the sun coming up in the morning, I still find myself humming your signature tune and still can’t believe you’re not there every day.

    I know you love Bob Marley.! Remember “When one door is closed, another will OPEN!” Sing his song when you feel down!

    We are excited about your future, as it WILL happen. Don’t the WYPR “people” (have to struggle not to name-call!) know what kind of town this is?
    The devil in me is looking forward to their getting their come-uppance.

    I am not interested in a Dan Rodricks show – been there/done that in the increasingly bleak and weak voice of the Baltimore Sun.
    Thanks for the update and stand tall!

  16. I just found your new blog today, and I am quite happy to find a place for your public-self to land on two feet! I only moved to Baltimore City a couple of years ago when I began my graduate studies, but your program was a constant during that time. Whether I could catch it at air or via podcast, the show was consistently interesting and thought provoking.

    I found the recent letter published to WYPR’s website regarding their decision particularly insulting to the listeners who have been betrayed by their decision regarding your show. Brandon asked us to remember the role WYPR plays in the civic and cultural life of Baltimore and in our own lives. The terrible irony, of course, is that this is precisely what so many of us wished WYPR kept close to mind.

    Best of luck on your future ventures from yet another (how nice it is to see such an outpouring of support!) supporter who will miss the sophisticated and nuanced discussions your program offered.

  17. Last week there was a closed-door emergency board mtg. – the main thing to come from it: relief that none of the corporate sponsors had pulled out!!
    Wow – this is YOUR public radio?
    From one of the board members: “The public just doesn’t get it.”

  18. The other day I received an online petition from people in my neighborhood to bring your show back and it just makes me laugh to think how badly WYPR underestimated their understanding of the pulse of the community to completely get rid of your show.

    Your show represented the community “watering hole”, giving us all cogent perspectives on issues both near and far. It’s really difficult to see where the station goes from here and that’s just from a branding perspective.

    Over the years, we came to understand that it was “our” radio station, but then we get done like this. Makes one realize the real deal with corporate life.

  19. There is no doubt that you will benefit from this Marc because you can rise above it. We all need a shake-up once in a while. The tragedy is the community is represented by such an unenlightened board when they are supposed to be in the business of bringing light to the community. That a beloved asset should be in their hands is a great sorrow.

  20. “But you know I want this blog to be a place where we can talk about anything, not just the madness and idiocy of what Tony Brandon, Andy Bienstock and Barbara Bozzuto have done to our public radio.”


    I have known you since the very inception of your show, and I have known Andy B. just about as long too. Can you elucidate on this quote from your blog. Since I no longer live in the area, I am a bit out of the loop, even though we listen to WYPR via the internet.

    The internet is the way to go. You can reach more people with this wide cast of the net.

    All the best and keep up your relentless pursuit of knowledge and the truth.


  21. Anita,

    LOL… I know what you mean.. in just the opposite way…. I hardly ever pick up a “hard copy” of the sun…

    Take care


    I can’t believe that comment from the board member…. Now I really don’t want to ever listen to the station again…. If corporate sponsorship is all they care about…. maybe we should leave them to it….
    I think I’ll be contributing to WAMU’s membership drive which is going on this week !!!

  22. Marc,
    Although my husband and I are relative newcomers to Baltimore (we arrived in 2005), we thoroughly enjoyed your show and sundry appearances on YPR. I often thought how lucky we were to have a smart, engaging person on our local station. (This, too, shall pass.) You’ll no doubt find great ways to continue contributing to the community, but I and many others will miss you in such an accessible, intelligent venue. Thanks.

  23. Marc,

    I look foward to the Community Board meeting. It is time we take back this station from those who think that it is about feel good arts programing without any consideration or discussion of the problems that face this city. I moved here from NYC seven years ago and you ran the type of show that I remember from the old days at Pacifica stations like WBAI in New York City. These were places that the community gathered to voice its concerns about serious problems and that listeners were informed about issues that had no voice, issues that commercial radio did not think relevant or would get “ratings”. It is not about ratings…it is about the issues that face people everyday in a city like Baltimore…issues of poverty, drugs and joblessness that are not necessarily pleasant or comfortable but nontheless need to be addressed…
    Your show provided a forum for community members involved in the solutions of many of Baltimore’s most vexing problems and it also provided a balanced and safe place for many voices. Political figures such as Robert Erlich and Martin O’Malley that had very different perspectives on Baltimore’s and Maryland’s problems were often guests…not for minutes but for the hour. In depth consideration…this is what we are now missing.

    Loved the show…and will be at the Community Board Meeting waiting to see what these folks have to say in their defense…good luck to them they haven’t a leg to stand on..

    John Hessler
    Baltimore City

  24. You know, I have to admit, I like Dan Rodricks. I’ve followed his column for a long time, as well as his blog. And he did cover Marc’s firing in the Sun. Now, looking at it, that’s just weird.

    That being said, I can’t see myself listening to the show, given the awful, shoddy way this was all handled. I absolutely pledge that I won’t give any more money to WYPR. Clearly they don’t need it.

    OTOH, if you wind up at another station, Marc, you will have my support. Your commitment to this city and to this region is unsurpassed. I am waiting to hear what comes up in the near future.

    Oh, yes, I did read in the Sun about your daughter. What a gem she must be. They keep us honest. In the end, it’s for the kids. That’s really why so many of us do what we do.


  25. Marc! hey. i’m keeping track of you on your blog and happy that we have this forum to get the truth out. thinking about coming down for the 20th at the BMA…see you soon i hope! verybest, ac

  26. Marc, I miss hearing you on the radio. I will keep fighting, like everyone else, to ensure that our opinions are heard at WYPR. However, I’d like to take the conversation in a different direction. I was wondering if you could share some thoughts on Wayne Gilchrest and what his loss in the 1st district R primary means to the citizens of MD.

  27. Well, I just joined WAMU–and sent a copy of the invoice to WYPR..and threw in a couple of bucks to WPFW. If anyone else switches because of this bonehead decision to kick Marc to the curb, by all means, share that decision with Mr. -Bleeping- Brandon. He should know.

  28. The movement around Marc is building and the energy must be taken to taking back ? (we don’t quite yet know). Just as Obama is raising our hopes and will dash them when he gets into office- so the corporate behemoth trundles on, with the occasionally fiendish move like hiring a Dan Rodricks whom it will in turn consume as it rried to do Marc.
    Follow the money and you will find that it doesn’t always win- even tho it does a damn good job of it in this country- the warfare, not welfare state.
    But Marc and we fight back.
    Bozzuto, Brandon and Bienstock will go down with the guy who took the Colts out of town- what was it? as betrayers of the Baltimore dream.
    If it’s Dan, I say, the 3 B’s must go and leave the station to Marc and Dan. And Dan- you will spear head the movement to bring back Marc Steiner- won’t you Dan?
    Dan, Marc had duende.
    Dave Eberhardt- froginbog

  29. o and one more thing- BIENSTOCK< BOZZUTO< BRANDON< IRSAY
    we will sweep these fools away
    and dan if you’re not on our side today
    well, i hate to say you’re toast or yesterday
    in the sun we’ve liked ye, lad, but of late
    yr columns? we have had to wait
    for stuff of substance- o now and then a glimmer…
    do ye have the duende to don the shimmer
    ing suit of marc o steiner?
    you may become a fishwrap liner
    dave the poet

  30. Rodricks is a decent guy and was very supportive of Marc, and critical of the management of WYPR immediately after his firing…. I think WYPR management was “strategicially wise” picking someone who was sympathetic to Marc…. Hoping it will make this ‘pill easier to swallow….” I’m wondering how and when Rodricks was approached by WYPR ???

    I think the best way we can honor and support Marc is two-fold… 1.) organize a group committed to addressing the corporatization of public radio, and 2.) get behind (both with any needed donations and promotion) any new programing Marc develops .

    Marc said he pushed for WYPR to do more things like billboard promotions… When the time is right… Wouldn’t it be great if we could put together or contribute a fund raising campaign for a billboard advertizing campaign for his internet projects….

    Michael Derry

  31. There are several groups mobilizing over both issues – the firing of Marc and the corporatization/future of WYPR. Please join us on Sunday, 2/17 at 2pm for our next meeting. Feel free to email me at for more information. Rather than fading, there is a continuing groundswell. It’s not only Marc, it’s station management and direction that has defined community concern.

    I am shocked and disgusted that Dan Rodricks would take WYPR’s offer. He obviously isn’t too upset about the dirty deal done to Marc. While the BOD and Brandon may feel this is a smart move, I believe they’ve miscalculated (again). This is an insult to the listener-members (remember them?) as well as our larger community. Hiring Rodricks cements our belief that Marc was fired because of the content of his show and because the BOD and Brandon could not abide Marc’s popularity and recognition as the “face” of WYPR. If ratings were an issue, the new show would be vastly different from what is essentially an imitation of Marc’s. Shame on Rodricks for taking WYPR’s offer and continuing shame on the BOD and Anthony Brandon.

    Additionally, many many people and groups are planning to attend the Community Advisory Board Meeting on 2/20. Join us!! We are just beginning our work!!

  32. Keep in mind — just because Rodricks has been signed on, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still ask WYPR to bring back Marc Steiner. It may be somewhat quixotic to hope that they will at this point, but I think that, with all the anger out there, it’s a message that they need to hear and that we need to express.

    Who knows, it might not happen this year, but if the Rodricks show does poorly, maybe they’ll be forced to reconsider and ask Marc to come back at a later date.

    Think of the long-term picture and don’t give up hope!!

    That said, I think that one of the most effective things we could do, both to push for a return of the show and to address the corporatization of the station, will be to get the CAB to write a letter strongly condemning the station’s actions. Such a letter could go to WYPR, to the major underwriters, to NPR and to the Center for Public Broadcasting, and would make the point unequivocably that the station is completely out of touch with the community its supposed to be serving.

  33. Well I ‘m not putting alot off faith in WYPR reconsidering bringing Marc back.. I’m wondering if he would even agree to return unless there were some significant changes to the stations policies, philosophy, and upper management !!!

    I think WYPR is content to “sacrifice” local listeners and marc’s supporters for the new audience they are hoping for in Fredrick and OC as the station becomes more regional .
    Regarding Rodricks… I have mixed feelings… I’ve always liked him, and he was both critical of the station and supportive of marc in the sun papers….

    And since Marc said he has always wanted to be a part of public radio… I don’t know… I guess I can’t blame him for accepting it…. it certainly is an opportunity for him….
    I’m just wondering WHEN he was offered the job…. ??? I just hope this wasn’t something that was in the works prior to Marc’s firing….. then that would be self serving and unetthical to write in support as he did…. That said… I have no evidence of it happening that way…

    I wonder if Rodricks will comment publically any of this ???

    Thanks for the info on the 2/17 mtg… I’ll definately try to attend

  34. – Dan Rodricks is supposed to be the preson who will make the show less Baltimore-centric?!

    – Concerning the board being releived about coprorate sponsors not pulling out: Who are these sponsors? I assume since WYPR is a nonprofit, a list should be available to the public. Those are the businesses that should be getting our phone calls and emails.

  35. I am kind of late in getting into this movement. I knew that I really wanted to be apart of it after hearing Marc and Tony Brandon on Maryland Morining. I have been in a similar situation as Marc at different non-profits. Tony Brandon reminds me of so many folks who profess to be working for the greater “good” and truthfully are only representing the interests of a few.

    I am a chronic WYPR listener and supporter. I, too, will be switching my dial to 88.5.

    Thank you, Marc for connecting your situation with the larger issues pertaining the radio station and industry. And thank all of you organizing to reclaim WYPR as a public, not privately, owned station.

  36. I also mourn the loss of Marc at WYPR. It truly isn’t the same without his presence. It’s not just his show…he truly did represent the soul of OUR public radio. So it’s definitely personal.
    But at the same time, it’s “political”. If this were just about some personality clash between Marc and the station managers then we would all feel really sad, but I know that I for one wouldn’t feel quite so “betrayed”. I truly believe that Marc’s firing and the station’s drift towards safe, corporate-backed programming is a dangerous thing…and what makes this whole thing so much more painful.
    If there is any silver lining, I know that I for one am outraged and willing to become more active to bring community radio back to Baltimore. Thanks to everyone who is working to do so.

  37. I don’t think we should be in a hurry to send WAMU our money. I’d rather hold on to my dollar day cash for Marc’s future endeavor.
    Giving them money feels like giving up hope. (Now that Obama has won MD I’m a believer in hope again.) WAMU doesn’t need our money. I have been a huge Diane Rehm since living in DC years ago (she was to DC what Marc is today) but now that I know she is a friend of Brandon who knows what is going on. Sit on the money, I say.

  38. Anita,
    I agree that we should work to keep the money in Baltimore. As this movement progresses there will be a serious need for our resources of time, money and skills. Thanks for that reminder, Anita.

    How does one get in on the CAB meeting next Wednesday?

  39. Anita — Very good point about the money. I think someone was talking about creating an escrow account for membership funds that would have normally gone to WYPR? I don’t know much about this or if it’s still happening.

    Tracee — I think that all you have to do to go to the CAB meeting is show up. The meeting is currently planned for the BMA’s Meyerhoff Auditorium at 7pm.

  40. Marc,

    I just found out about the cancellation. I’m sad and surprised. Though I no longer live in Baltimore, I still listened to your podcasts regularly because I truly enjoyed your style. I had the pleasure to listen to your show for the past 7 years as I was completing my Ph. D. dissertation at Hopkins. Through all of these years I found your show to be informative and thought-provoking. More importantly though you were the only personality on the radio that could lead a civil discussion, where people could voice their opinions without being ridiculed or ignored. As you know this is in stark contrast to the typical shows occupying the radio spectrum these days, where shrill voices and extreme political biases reign. Hopefully WYPR can replace your slot with a similar show that is equitable and fair-minded and not afraid to deal with tough and unpopular issues. However they won’t be able to replace your demeanor and passion, which made the show great. As others, I’m deeply concerned about the overreaching corporate influence in our media. It’s becoming harder and harder these days to find independent and objective sources of information. Finally, I have never heard you say anything negative about the station’s management on the air, so it’s a shame that they couldn’t refrain from trying to belittle you and your contribution to this station. I know what the truth is though.

    Take care,


  41. I really miss your show. As a resident of Shepherdstown WV, I found many of your shows (for example, the last two) to be of general interest.
    I fear that public radio may be taken over by corporate advertisers and topics unfriendly to them will not be heard.
    Thanks for all your great work.

  42. //I have been a huge Diane Rehm since living in DC years ago (she was to DC what Marc is today) but now that I know she is a friend of Brandon who knows what is going on.//

    How do we know this?

  43. Marc

    I learned so much about Baltimore from your show. It was such a constructive thing for this town. I miss it already. I’m glad to have found this blog to follow developments.

    Yep…WAMU gets my money and my ears from now on.

    In the meantime, anyone over at WEAA ever consider a good midday “Baltimore-centric” talk show host? …Just a thought…

  44. I remember one of two years ago I had just gotten on 95 where one can see a beautiful view of Baltimore’s skyline from the south and Brandon came on to announce that YPR was seeking someone to fulfil a vacancy in Steiner’s slot. Turns out it was 4/1 – an April Fools joke. It startled me at first with the same gut reaction most of us felt when we dicovered the actual firing this past Feb 1st. Then I sighed in relief that it was only a joke thinking “that will never happen!”

    Well here we are and it isn’t a joke this time.

    I just can’t beleve Marc was fired over ratings and being too Baltocentric for the new expanded YPR audience. Does YPR leadership really believe Rodericks is going to improve their ratings in the 12-2 death slot or be more far reaching out of Baltimore than Marc? Dan is OK as a man-on-the-street column, but as a workweek host? Can Dan even be fair and balanced? Will he have the geusts, the shows, the insight?

    I remember Marc on air during the drive to buy JHU and create YPR; it was exciting and fresh, full of hopeful buzz. Slowly it has turned to canned/out of area programming and busniess partnerships and plugs – buy your tea here, design your artsy fartsy stuff there.

    We got rid of our TV four years ago. I get my news from various sources online, reading the Guide and listening to the radio. YPR used to be a great place to keep up on Baltimore news.

    I miss your interviews Marc. The workday is empty without your show. I’ve been listening to more music and spinning the dial more. I hope Marc pops back up on the scene regularly again soon.

  45. New on WYPR website:

    Board of Directors, Your Public Radio Corporation: The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2008 @ 3pm.

    Susquehanna Conference Room
    DLA Piper
    Marbury Building
    6225 Smith Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21209

    Please call (410) 235-1446 to RSVP if you plan to attend.

  46. Hi Abby,

    I like that you went with the “Bring back the Public in Public radio” idea.

    Now that ist seems getting Marc back on WYPR is likely not going to happen…. I’d like to see a sticker or shirt celebrating him or promoting him in his future projects….

    How about the “Marc Steiner Hon” idea….

    Simple…. promotes him and makes a statement about his connection to Baltimore… and just looks cool with the white lettering on a black background

    The “Believe Hon !” stickers went over really well here in town…

    Michael Derry

  47. Abby,

    I LOVE the one with the talking buildings! I am going to order one later today.

    Thanks for creating these!
    P.S. If I ever get fired I am now going to expect cafepress stores to spring up to protest it–do you think I’ve raised my expectations too much? 😉


  48. Michael — Having lived in Hampden, I got a little tired of the “hon chic”. But if it’s what the people demand, I’ll whip something up as soon as I can. I’m also going to credit you for the “bring back the public…” slogan the next time I log in to the site.

    Jessica — You could always create your own store and pretend that someone else had done it. 😀

  49. Abby,

    LOL !!!

    I guess I never thought of that living in Towson….

    I guess living in Hampden you would get sick of hearing that !!!

  50. Marc,
    My day has a huge hole in it and it cannot be replaced by anyone that WYPR has concocted to be a pale replacement of you. When I think of you the word which comes to mind is integrity. That seems to be the missing link in the power structure of what once felt like “my public radio”. What I believe happened is that values which you personified such as truth, fairness, responsibility have become inconvenient and distasteful. Our community has been dealt a terrible blow but we will not take it without a huge protest. Jane Meyer

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