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1/30/08 Student Perspectives – ‘08 Elections

Every time an election roles around, people (or at least the media) start to talk a lot about the youth vote.  We wonder whether young voters will finally start coming out in larger numbers than usual.  Why do less young people tend to vote than the older folks?  Are they just apathetic?  Do they think voting won’t make a difference, or that no one represents them?  What issues do these elusive young people care about?  What about those who are politically active?

One of my first assignments as a youthful WYPR news freelancer was to report on the youth vote in November 2006; check it here.

At noon today, we’re bringing together a group of college students from the area to hear their opinions and observations on the upcoming elections.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, as well, whatever age you might be.  Call 866-661-9309, email, or post a comment here.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. As we have so painfully learned over the last 7 years, the role of the VICE PRESIDENT can be huge. Cheney has been disasterous to our democracy and security in the world.

    I can not make any decision on presidential choice until I see who the running mates are. (The only good thing about Gore’s 2000 loss was that we avoided a Lieberman VP!)

  2. yes mark you were remiss not to include a supporter of hers on your panel but you
    do have well spoken thoughtful folks on today. However
    I hear so often about “not another clinton” in the whitehouse…
    she has good ideas and a strong democratic platform and the ability to
    go across the aisle to get legislation passed which was hard coming into the
    senate as a ‘clinton” knowing how hard they worked to mire that administration
    (bill helped them by being a philanderer) and critical of her they had been..
    she is a strong woman and i think that is part of the dislike of her. it is gender politics not admitted. your panel member said if she doesnt get her way she will strong arm congress
    because he “just gets that feeling about her personality”
    lets face it she is a strong woman which people construe as bit*h…a strong man is a good
    thing in this society.
    finally, she is not as charismatic as obama…and i do like him. but look at her record
    and her ability to work on issues for children women and working class people not the fact
    that she doesnt talk as eloquently as obama. also, kathleen kennedy townsend endorsed
    her and that has not been highlighted.
    as for clinton family name repeating…..kennedy is a family name repeating. dont judge her name, look at who she is and what she has done and wants to do. then decide.
    mary in baltimore city

  3. It is becoming disgusting to watch people play with themselves and others about connotations and denotations. I am black and I have not made my mind up and I try to look for true intent in what people do and say. Bill Clinton was clearly speaking of the fact that over 85% of the blacks in South Carolina voted for the “so-called” black candidate. Whites split their votes along policy lines. That is what they did when Jesse Jackson ran, also. Bill’s emphasis was on the fact that had blacks not skewed their votes, the outcomes would have been based on American policy standards instead. Then, the outcome in South Carolina would reflect the outcomes in the other States were the majority of people voted policy rather than stereotype. Bill is saying that Obama will lose in the other southern States and border States just as Jackson did. That’s all.

  4. I am shocked by the lack of understanding of what the differences between the parties are. One is a Republican party that has continued to tear down the QUALITY of all Federal Services such as FEMA, Urban Services (HUD) and Education; a party that has consistently supported a loss of Individual liberty except when it helped the super rich keep their money. The Democrats are by no means angels but if the choice is Hillary and the Democrats vs. McCain and the Republicans (continuing the War in Iraq), give me Hillary. What gives me hope for Obama is that he will work with Republicans like McCain and Paul when he is elected. The future is NOT with McCain

    I also think people need to understand that politics is all about making deals. Congress is composed of many intelligent individuals who believe in a wide range and understand a wide and often contradicting set of facts. Only a skilled politician and make deals to get legislation passed. The hope is that the next President does not lose track of the People and their welfare.

    Our current President does not compromise, does not reach out and you see what we have. The great Presidents know how to work with dissenters from their positions.

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