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1/15/08 Dr. Nancy Grasmick

There is probably no one more suited to the role of having to defend their job from a Governor, two legislative leaders, and dozens of delegates and senators who are only too happy to give the men in charge what they want, than State Superintendent of Schools Nancy Grasmick.  But as equipped as she is, she has quite the fight ahead of her.  The Governor has said he wants her removed, and the Speaker of the House Mike Busch and Senate President Mike Miller have said they will change the law to give him what he wants.
So what is going to happen?  What are Nancy Grasmick’s plans for defending her position?  And if she is successful, what is her agenda for the next four years?
Join us at one o’clock today, to find out.  We’ll be joined by Dr. Grasmick live in the studio.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Nancy Grasmick has been superintendent for 16 years. No one is king for life. No one (with the possible exception of Louis L. Goldstein) should hold office for life.

    We elected Martin O’Malley to lead. Of course he should be able to make a change in course after 16 years. Just my opinion. — Bernie

  2. I agree with you, Marc. Alonso is already puntitg in place the radical changes and reform needed, which is a what a chancellor of schools would do. This is happening in DC under Mayor-appointed Michelle Rhee. Alonso is very popular with parents and most education advocates. If the Mayor decides to make the move to takeover schools, it would be a huge mistake for her and probably for the students of Baltimore City. Many would organize in support of Alonso and we don’t need this kind of political distraction from our efforts in education. The Mayor, who I generally support, needs to work more closely with the school system and Alonso. I’m not sure what her relationship with Alonso is like, however, I really don’t see that her committment to the school system is significant. The school system has been flat-funded under both O’Malley and Dixon. They claimed to have increased per pupil funding, however, that increase is due to the decrease in student enrollment. And student enrollment is decreasing b/c the school system is stressed and inadequate, due to the lack of attention it has received from our leaders for many years. The City budget is growing; we’re becoming wealthier. The contribution to the schools should grow proportionately with the budget, at the very least. I detest the decrease in student enrollment rationale for maintaining the same funding level for schools when our schools are still grossly inadequate. If the Mayor wanted to help, she can give the schools more money and with that, her place at the table to contribute to the reforms being made. Baltimore City needs to catch up with their county neighbors as they increase their local contribution to their schools.

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