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07/18/07 Dr. Andrey Bundley

I’ve had people tell me that Dr. Andrey Bundley is the kind of guy whose candidacy should get a lot more press and attention than it does-that he should be a candidate that attracts attention, but his campaign has seemed to ride under the radar.

 I have to admit I am kind of disappointed by the Baltimore mayoral election so far.  When we were working hard on shows about the senatorial and congressional campaigns, I remember thinking, “Wow, I cannot wait to see how exciting the Mayoral campaign is!”  But it’s been sort of quiet and….okay…boring. 

Have people just sort of decided that the interim mayor and thus incumbent Sheila Dixon is going to win?

Well I haven’t–forget that!  Come on people, let’s have a race here!  Let’s get serious!  Let’s get excited! Let’s pay some attention!  Let’s call and write in and ask Andrey Bundley important questions!!!!

I am counting on all of you to restore my flagging civic enthusiasm!


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. If Dr. Bundley were mayor, would he dismiss School Board members with clear records of incompetence (I.e. any who served during the 58 million budget deficit era)?

    Or would he keep giving them a blank check as Sheila Dixon and former Mayor O’Malley do and did?

    What magic spell does the School Board cast that keeps them in the job and the money flowing in the face of complete incompetence?

  2. I can’t seem to understand this whole argument about marriage vs civic union when they are the same. Marriage whether performed in a religiuous setting or City Hall is a fuction of the State. Only through the State does one gain the license to marry regardless of where the ceremory is performed.

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