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06/19/07 noon David Frum


We just wrapped up our hour with David Frum, conservative political commentator, author, and former speechwriter for our current president.  I was taking the calls and emails, and I have to say, we had some irate listeners.  If you heard Jerry from Pikesville’s call, you know what I’m talking about.

Along with some emotions, some interesting ideas came through.  Are we wrapped up in a liberal/conservative political divide to the detriment of our political discourse?  Are both sides doing anything more than boring each other to tears by repeating the same arguments/defenses over and over?  Is there any meaningful dialogue between the two sides amidst all the rhetoric?  How did we get to the point of viewing our political options as “two opposing sides?” is full of David’s writing, so you can take a look at his ideas and judge them for yourself.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Well, Mr Frum confirmed that oil WAS a major part of the American Invasion of Iraq. While people have felt this in the past, the reason it hasn’t come to light is because commentators and reporters have not listened to what the administration have done, and their philosophy. Bush doesn’t want to control the oil in the United states let alone Iraq, he (and the administration) want it in private hands. When Saddam controled it he could pocket the money, or turn off the tap selectively (not sell to the highest bidder). That is the horror of the neo-cons, being rich and not being able to buy what they want.

    As a Canadian, I really don’t care who runs your country. Bush has been great for my pocket book but bad for the country in my opinion. But I really don’t give a lot of thought to it. To me, this whole liberal conservative whining is just a means of putting off the real debate or problems. What is the U.S. doing now about security? social security? immigration? The U.S. is arguing over lib vs. cons and not getting to the real issue. Its uncomfortable to deal with the cost of social security, or paying a price for securing the border or deporting 11 million people. So its punt time.

    I really like this country and hope to be a citizin some day, but the poor country and the incredible nice neighbors and collegues I work with don’t deserve this. Not at all!

  2. Thank you, Marc, for your excellent program. I have long enjoyed the range of guests and topics you have brought to our airwaves.

    Your conversation with Mr. Frumm highlighted a number of issues I have long held with so many members of this administration, among them the selectiveness of facts, flexibility of accuracy, and seeming inability to accept opposing viewpoints. This behavior is repeated throughout the staff, most notably by Rove, Cheney, and Bush, himself. There is a frightening level of refusal to tolerate even the possibility that they might be the slightest bit incorrect in their actions, choices, or ideology- quite a Stalinist approach to governance. A wonderful example came during a television interview last fall, shortly before the election, when Karl Rove said something to the effect of “that may be your math, but I’m using THE math,” when the interviewer mentioned the mathematical probability of the Democrat[ic] party taking control of both houses.

    I believe this attitude, while having been effective in gaining [i will avoid the conspiracy theories about 2000 and 2004] and retaining the White House, is a grave disservice to our children. As a future educator, I hope to be able to instill in my students an open-minded, scientific approach to life and dealing with others, from the perspective of “this is one view point that might work, but are there others that might be more efficient, sustainable, or effective?” I also hold that this “cowboy diplomacy” is damaging our position in the world, reducing our ability to respond effectively to crises as they arise. When we chastise nations and peoples who are behaving in the same manner (Putin of Russia, Ahmedinejad of Iran, Hamas, etc…) as our administrator, we only confirm their accusations.

    My sincere hope is that our next administrator will recognise this problem and behave in a civilised manner to bring our country back into the position of respect we once held and so truly deserve.

    Thank you so much, Marc. Be well,


    ps- I am glad you mentioned Jerry. In calling from Reisterstown, you mentioned he was in the hospital. How is he doing? Would it be possible to have him on as a guest some time? I am fascinated by his range of views… well… the range of things that get him riled up. Who is he?

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