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06/11/07 12 pm David Kennedy

Today we welcome David Kennedy on the show.  He used to be a resercher and professor at Harvard, where he wrote the seminal study Beyond 911: A New Era for Policing.  He also directed the Boston Gun Project, which was a large scale iniative focused on dealing with the homicide rate for young people in that city.

His expertise is in community policing.  Now, that’s a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean?  It means a style of policing that strives to reduce violent crime by increasing interaction and cooperation between law enforcement and the communities they serve.  It’s an enforcement strategy but also a philosophy about the role law enforcement plays in a community and its relationship to the public. 

David Kennedy will join us today to talk about how the community policing model has worked in other American cities.  Will Baltimore invest in this model to bring down our homicide rate?

Join us at noon….


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. I missed the initial explanation of “community policing”, but I did listen to most of the show and thought that the most important issue that was discussed is trust of the police and the government by the community.

    I am a native Baltimorean and always trusted the police and the City government until about the last 10 years. Police now make a lot of mistakes, they rough people up with no cause, they speed through the streets just because they can; they’re more like a Gestapo than a police force. I have no trust in them and only call when I must.

    As to the government… it used to be that if you called for something like a rat problem, the City would come out and get the job done. Now, first they cite everyone on the block with $72 tickets, then they make you sign a release– just in case you child or pet gets poisoned– then they do whatever they do, but the problem doesn’t go away. Why bother to call? The government treats us like peons, instead of remembering that they are our servants, not the other way around.

    How can you expect to gain trust from uneducated, frightened people, when I, a relatively well educated, intelligent human living in a fairly safe area, do not have that trust.

    Also, I’d like to know what we got rid of the mounted police force? When the mounted police were patrolling downtown, crime went way, way down. Those giant horses thundering down the City streets between cars were a fearsome site– I watched them chase and catch a purse snatcher once. It took my breath away.

  2. Marc and the Blog staff. Bravo on the blog and the archive and podcast of The Marc Steiner show. This will connect the program to community in new ways. Listeners will be able to listen to the program when they can and give feed back. This is the future of radio. All the best!!! Gary Levine

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