March 11, 2015

Everyman Theatre World of the Play: Ruined — You Will Not Fight Your Battles On My Body Anymore

March 10, 2015 - Segment 2 - We hear last Saturday's World of the Play discussion at Everyman Theatre, based on themes arising from Everyman's production of Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize-winning play Ruined.
November 20, 2014

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

November 18, 2014 - Segment 3 - We turn our attention to the recent rape allegations against Bill Cosby. We're joined by Andrea Plaid, Dr. Karsonya "Kaye" Whitehead, and Dr. Jennifer Williams.
March 18, 2013
Steubenville Rape Trial Verdict

The Steubenville Verdict: How Do We Teach Our Young Men?

March 18, 2013 - Segment 2 - We discuss the guilty verdict in the Steubenville, Ohio, rape trial, and ask some larger questions about sexual assault. What should our response to sexual assault be as a society?