Edward Snowden

November 10, 2014

The Nation On Their Interview With Edward Snowden in Moscow

November 4, 2014 - Segment 2 - The Nation's Editor and Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel joins me to talk about the nearly four-hour interview that she conducted with Edward Snowden last month in Moscow.
August 19, 2013

National News Roundup: Voting Rights, American Healthcare, NSA and More

August 19, 2013 - Segment 1 - We begin our week with a national news roundtable. Topics include voting rights, the American healthcare system, the latest on Edward Snowden, and the newest revelations about the NSA.
August 12, 2013

National News Round-Up: Police Brutality, Edward Snowden & President Obama on NSA Surveillance

August 12, 2013 - Segment 1 - We start off the week with a roundtable on national news stories, including instances of policy brutality across the country, Edward Snowden, and President Obama's speech on NSA surveillance.
August 2, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Leakers & National Security, The Pope On Gay Marriage, and Israel/Palestine Peace Talks

August 2, 2013 - Segment 1 - On this morning's weekly roundtable on national news headlines we discuss a range of topics including new NSA revelations, the Bradley Manning trial verdict, the Pope's stance on gay marriage and homosexuality, and peace talks between Israel and Palestine.
July 30, 2013

Edward Snowden and the NSA

July 29 2013-Segment 3-Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Sam Faddis discussing Edward Snowden and Congress attempt to cut funding for NSA.
June 25, 2013

Update On Edward Snowden

June 24, 2013-Segment 3-Edward Snowden, computer analyst whistleblower who provided the Guardian with top-secret NSA documents leading to revelations about U.S. surveillance on phone and internet communications.
June 10, 2013

NSA Surveillance Program

June 10, 2013-Segment 1-We take a look at the NSA's (National Security Agency) surveillance program which includes spying on Americans's phone documents.