Sound Bites: Fairfield Incinerator | The Chesapeake Bay and Agricultural Pollution

22273513619_971f780b59_nDecember 10, 2015 – Segment 3

On our newest edition of Sound Bites, our series on food and our world, we begin with an update on the status of the Fairfield incinerator project. We will also share information on an upcoming action around the project on December 15, 2015. Joining us will be Greg Sawtell, Leadership Organizer, United Workers; and Destiny Watford, a leader with Free Your Voice and United Workers, and junior at Towson University.

There will be an action at the Maryland Department of the Environment on December 15, 2015
We then look at a report commissioned by the Abell Foundation, The Chesapeake Bay and Agricultural Pollution: The Problem, Possible Solutions, and the Need for Verification. We’re joined by Rona Kobell, staff writer for the Chesapeake Bay Journal, and news reporter of nearly 20 years.