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Democracy in Crises: The Fire and The Fury

democracyincrisislogoAugust 10, 2017 – Democracy In Crises

We hosted the newest edition of Democracy in Crisis! I talked with co-host Baynard Woods about the the now present specter of nuclear war and Trumps latest comments on the situation with North Korea. Democracy in Crisis is produced by Calvin Perry.

Mina Cheon/Kim IL Soon: Art For The Reunification Of Korea

Kim-Il-Soon_In-Honor-of-The-Great-Leader-Father_acrylic-on-canvas_24x36in_2012_webMay 17, 2013 – Segment 3

We talk with artist Mina Cheon, AKA Kim IL Soon, and Ethan Cohen of Ethan Cohen Fine Arts in New York City – which hosted a show of Kim Il Soon’s work in 2012 – about the work of this Socialist Realist painter from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and how her work is tied to a quest for the reunification of Korea and global peace.