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Homeless Remembrance Day: Those Lost in 2017

January 3, 2018 – Homeless Remembrance

At the end of each year since 2004 I have read the names of individuals who died homeless in the streets of Baltimore. It’s important to give an identity to the word “homeless” — these are our brothers and sisters who lived and died under circumstances that are well beyond the comprehension of most of us.

The reading of this list is in partnership with our friends at Healthcare for the Homeless who on the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, hold a public ceremony to read the names of those who died homeless in our community.

The following 192 people were known to have passed away while homeless in Baltimore in 2017.

We honor their lives. 

Harbor Point Development Update

August 8, 2013-Segment 2

Harbor Point UpdateWe get an update from Wednesday night’s Baltimore City Council hearing on the Harbor Point development and Baltimore’s inclusionary housing provision. Our guests include Jerry Singer, founder and former executive director of Health Care for the Homesless and Betty Robinson, longtime Baltimore resident and community organizer.