July 17, 2014

Where Is America One Year After George Zimmerman’s Acquittal?

July 15, 2014 - Segment 3 - We reflect upon the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin, a verdict which was handed down a year ago this week. With: Edward Wyckoff Williams and Dr. Ray Winbush.
February 24, 2014

National News Roundup: Michael Dunn Verdict, Minimum Wage and More

February 24, 2014 - Segment 2 - We begin our week with a national news roundtable on the Michael Dunn verdict and more, with Towson University's Dr. Tara Bynum, Colorlines' Imara Jones, and Maryland Public Policy Institute's Marta Mossburg.
June 21, 2013

Trayvon Martin’s Family Attorney Gives Update On Zimmerman Trial

June 21, 2013 - Segment 1 - We speak with Ben Crump, attorney representing Trayvon Martin's family, and Edward Wyckoff Williams, contributing editor to The Root, about the trial of George Zimmerman. A jury has finally been selected, and we discuss the larger implications of the outcome of this trial.