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Our Wire podcast series continues with a forty minute interview with David Simon!  Sunday is getting closer.  In the meantime, hear what The Wire's creator has to say about the show.


 Our Wire podcast series continues with a forty minute interview with David Simon!  Sunday is getting closer.  In the meantime, hear what The Wire’s creator has to say about the show.

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Choice quotes:

The Wire to me is one of the funniest shows about the decline of the American empire that’s ever been written.”

Politically, I am a pessimist at this point.  I don’t believe we can actually even recognize our fundamental problems, much less begin to address them.  And that is what the last season of The Wire was about…I’d love The Wire to be wrong about everything.  This is not a gleeful pessimism, it’s a worried pessimism.  And if The Wire is wrong, nobody will be happier than me.”

Every single drama that is offered up for popular entertainment is on some level a political or cultural form of pornography, and I’m tired of it and it bores the hell out of me.”

I apparently am the angriest man in television, which, I take that as a vague manner of praise, but I think it’s rather faint.  The second angriest man in television, I believe, is by a kidney shaped pool with his cellphone in Bel Air somewhere, and he’s screaming because he doesn’t have enough points on the DVD’s.”

Here are just a few of the thousands of interviews with and articles about David Simon.

Check back tomorrow for the next installment in The CEM Wire podcast series, an interview with Robert Chew, the actor who portrays Prop Joe!  Much more to come as well, including an interview with Andre Royo, pictured above with David Simon.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. David Nudel says:


  2. Michael says:

    Love it love it love it – is there any contact info for David Simon or Ed Burns? I’d love to volunteer my help for any projects they might have ongoing if they can use college-educated adults with free time to do research, legwork, or whatever. When I watch The Wire, I feel so much love for humanity radiating out from the fine souls who created it – makes me want to join up!

  3. Ron Counsell says:

    Thank you one more time for instructions on how to subscribe to CEM podcasts. It works great, and they are excellent company while I’m out and about, walking.

  4. Ron Counsell says:

    Something weird happens near the end of the interview. From 36:35 to 38:33, the interview is drowned out by what seems to be the music cut that was supposed to roll under the closing credits.

    Can this be repaired (I hope)?


    Thanks for the heads up, Ron. The problem is fixed!

  5. Ron Counsell says:

    Thank you for posting transcripts.

  6. Ron Counsell says:

    With iTunes open and the iPod docked:

    (I manage files manually, don’t use automatic synching.)

    Delete the Simon interview from the iPod.

    Delete the Simon interview from the podcast folder in the iTunes library, sending the file to the recycle bin.

    Click the refresh button at lower right of the screen.

    After a few seconds, the screen gives the opportunity to get the new version of the Simon interview.

    Sounds good, easy-peasy.

    Thanks, Justin.

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  8. Ron Schenk says:

    That was a beautiful interview. I’m rewatching the series and it really does provide alot of insight into the series, really provides me with more issues and layers of the show to think about and focus on. There’s such an enormous amount of detail, criticism and tragedy embedded into this incredible piece of art. Everything that’s depicted in the show has literally opened my eyes to an entirely new world I had no idea even existed. Thank you Mr. Simon and Mr. Burns, and thank you Marc Steiner for providing us, the viewers, with a glimpse of what goes on in the background of the creators’ mind.

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