Ed Burns, Writer and Producer

Ed Burns on the set of The Wire

Ed Burns on the set of The Wire

As we promised last week, this week we are bringing you a series of interviews with folks from the hit HBO series The Wire.  The series finale of this show is airing on March 9, 2008.  Marc is a huge fan of the program, and we know a lot of you are as well.   So for our first podcast series we decided to concentrate on this television show and talk to writers, producers, actors, security guards and crew to ask them about their experiences in making The Wire.  We wanted to find out what they think the message of the show is.  What does it have to teach us about urban America?  What lessons can we learn from the five seasons?

We began with a quick conversation with Ed Burns, a writer and co-producer.  He is a former Baltimore City Cop and Baltimore City public school teacher.  Those experiences deeply informed the script of The Wire.  His real life experiences often found their way onto the screen.

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Tomorrow, we’ll bring you a conversation with series creator David Simon.  Later in the week, you’ll hear from the actors who play Lester Freamon, Prop Joe, Bubbles, and more.  Stay tuned, and let us know what you think.


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